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Full HTML web page-test tool. Analyze load time and optimize web-page speed.

The full page-test tool lets you test the load time and speed of a complete HTML page of your website, including all objects such as images, frames, CSS style sheets, Flash objects, RSS feeds and Javascript files. The full HTML page-test tool will analyze the page and download all the objects, displaying the corresponding load times, the object sizes and indications of missing objects, including content from third-party suppliers such as advertisements. With the full HTML page-test tool you will be able to analyze in detail which object slows down your web page, and you can see how to optimize your website. Time bars are used to indicate the load times of all objects.

A page that takes too long to load will only frustrate visitors and potential customers who would otherwise have been interested in your product or service. After all, time is precious, so visitors and potential customers are becoming less and less accepting when it comes to slow websites and web pages. So, to improve the load time of your Web page, simply reduce the number of images or reduce the image size. To start with the full HTML page check, please fill out the URL of a specific web page.

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