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Global monitoring network

Global monitoring network

Monitor your website, server or transactions from around the globe

When optimizing the visitor, user and customer experience on your website, it is critical to monitor the site from the end user's perspective, including the likely geographical dispersion that can often comprise your user base. By employing a global network of checkpoints in dozens of countries, we monitor and collect data from a wide number of geographically dispersed locations to ensure accurate results that cannot be achieved from single-site monitoring alone.

Checkpoints in major cities on every continent

Uptrends has partnered with leading infrastructure and connectivity providers to establish our advanced global monitoring network around the globe. We have monitoring checkpoints in major cities across North America, Europe, Africa, Australia, South America and Asia. Uptrends continues to expand our global monitoring network and continually adds new checkpoints.

Uptrends’ geographically dispersed monitoring locations are a key element to our superior monitoring capabilities. As part of our monitoring service, you have access to an unlimited number of dozens of global monitoring stations. We are the only monitoring service provider that will not charge you for the use of the entire global network of checkpoints.

The most reliable way to monitor your website, server or transactions

In the event that one of your websites, servers or transactions fails, we will automatically perform a duplicate check from a separate checkpoint. When two different checkpoints have registered a failure, we will register this event as an error. This makes our monitoring service very reliable. With Uptrends, you will never receive a false alert.

Because our network of checkpoints is so extensive, you will have the ability to review the page load times and site uptime recorded from dozens of cities around the world.

Uptrends’ external monitoring services will help you monitor, diagnose, receive alerts and report the performance of your website, server or transactions around the clock. With our array of easy to use tools, you will be able to ensures that your visitors and customers are experiencing the reliability and full availability you intended with your website and online services. With the tools from Uptrends, you can prevent the loss of visitors, revenue and customers caused by site downtime and slow web pages.

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