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Transaction and Web application monitoring.


Multi-step transaction monitoring

Transaction monitoring. A complete end-to-end process.

Uptrends simulates real visitors, users and customers. Global monitoring network.

Uptrends’ external transaction monitoring and application monitoring services help you to monitor, diagnose, notify and receive detailed reports on the performance of your shopping cart, registration forms, logins and online services. This ensures that your visitors and customers have around the clock access to your website and applications as intended Stop losing visitors, leads, revenue and customers due to downtime, malfunctioning web applications or lengthy page load times. Signup for a free 4 week trial.

Why Uptrends transaction monitoring and application monitoring service?

  • No software to install, it will work within 1 minute
  • Monitor real-time multi-step web transactions from an end user's
  • perspective
  • Uptrends transaction monitoring simulates real visitors and customers
  • Advanced transaction recorder or let Uptrends setup transaction monitoring
  • Global monitoring network with checkpoints in all major cities around the globe
  • Real-time SMS, email, RSS and IM alerts
  • Detailed online & email reports about uptime, errors and load time
  • Double verification of site outages, no false alerts
  • Snapshots of errors, view what kind of errors your visitors and customers see.
  • Powerful control panel. User-defined escalation, alert and maintenance settings
  • Advanced and affordable transaction monitoring service incl. free customer support.

Monitor multi-step web transactions from end user's perspective. Global monitoring network.

Uptrends makes it possible to monitor transactions from the end user's perspective. Uptrends simulates real visitors, users and customers while monitoring every step of a transaction, including shopping carts, click paths, logins, registration forms and more. We use an actual Internet Explorer browser to generate real transactions which are monitored step-by-step by our entire network of checkpoints located in major cities across North America, Europe, South America, Africa and Asia.

Transaction recorder: record your own transactions with a few clicks.

Easily record your own transactions with our downloadable transaction recorder. You will click and navigate your site, mimicking the actions of your site visitors. As you visit your own web pages, fill in logins, contact forms and shopping cart pages, we will record every click, selection, and any text you type. When you complete the recording of your transaction, the transaction recorder will upload it to your Uptrends monitoring account and monitoring will instantly begin. Learn more about our transaction recorder. If you have a more advanced transaction or have difficulties, our staff of monitoring consultants will help you create and launch your customized multi-step transactions at no additional fee.

Diagnose transaction step failures

With Uptrends transaction monitoring service, you can diagnose errors to improve the performance of your site and prevent future issues. See what your visitors experience when they visit your site, fill in forms, shopping baskets or try to login. In case of a site failure, Uptrends will inform you immediately which step of the transaction failed, perform automatic an traceroutes, and provide you log files which provide details of the error.

Immediate alerts. Define escalation levels and maintenance.

When an error has been recorded, Uptrends can send alerts to your mobile phone, email, RSS and instant messenger. We will notify you regarding the nature of the issue and when the error has been resolved. In case of a site failure, we will instantly check the site from an alternate checkpoint to ensure that you never receive a false . With Uptrends, you can define your own escalation settings and alert definitions. Additionally, we provide options for defining maintenance periods as well as specify who will receive specific alerts and under which scenarios.

Detailed online and e-mail reports

You will have access to detailed online and email reports which will help you identify and solve issues quickly. You can even use the data we report to help you prevent issues before they get more severe. With Uptrends, you will be able to view reports about the uptime, downtime and page load time using our global monitoring network. With our highly intuitive user interface, you will have access to user-defined time periods for all reports, screenshots of all errors recorded and the ability to export reports via email, PDF, Excel or even XML interface.

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Uptrends continues to serve as a leading provider of website, transaction and server monitoring services for over 1500 customers in 23 countries. And because we have offices in both the US and Europe, you are guaranteed around the clock, responsive customer support. Signup for a free server monitoring trial now