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Free website tools to monitor your website or server.


Free website tools

Test load time, check website, DNS, IP address and traceroute.

Uptrends is a leading global provider of remote website, transactions and server monitoring services. We are here to ensure that your website or servers are always available, as intended. Uptrends is a flexible, hosted website and server performance monitoring system that lets you quickly identify and diagnose downtime and errors. Our worldwide checkpoints will monitor your website or servers 24/7, all year long. Uptrends will alert you immediately in the event your website, network or server fails, or if your transactions fails to work correctly.

Full HTML web page load-time test.

The full-page test lets you test the load time of a complete HTML page of your website, including all objects such as images, frames, CSS style sheets, Javascript files, Flash objects and RSS feeds. The load-time tool will analyze the page and download all the objects, displaying the corresponding load times, the object sizes and indications of missing objects, including content from third-party suppliers (such as advertisements). With the full HTML page-test tool, you will be able to analyze in detail which object slows down your Web page and see how to optimize your website for faster, more effective performance.  Click here for a full HTML web page load time test.

DNS check

Today you can check whether the DNS (Domain Name System) of your website is performing well from different cities and countries around the world. This is vital, since the DNS is one of the most important services on the Internet. Its primary functions are to translate between domain names and IP addresses and to list the mail-exchange servers accepting e-mail for each domain.  Click here for a free DNS report.

Availability check of a website. Analyze uptime or downtime.

You can easily analyze the uptime, downtime and performance of your website or server from different countries around the world. You can see if your website is available as well as how much time it takes to connect and download the website. Click here to check your site from around the world.

Perform a traceroute to your website

Perform a free traceroute to your website from different cities and countries in the world. Traceroute is a computer network tool used to determine the route taken by packets across an IP network. Moreover, it is often used for network troubleshooting. By showing a list of the routers traversed, it lets the user identify the path taken to reach a particular destination on the network. This can help identify routing the problems or firewalls that may be blocking access to a site. Additionally, traceroute is used by penetration testers to gather information about the network infrastructure and IP ranges around a given host. It can also be used when downloading data, and if there are multiple mirrors available for the same piece of data one can then trace each mirror to get a good idea of which mirror would be the fastest to use.  Click here to perform a traceroute to your site.

What is my IP address?

Check your IP address and find out what is my IP address. Uptrends will detect and display your computer's IP address. This can be helpful for configuring a computer on a network, setting up communications software or troubleshooting an Internet connection. Your Internet service provider or IT help desk can ask you to visit this site when you are having problems with your Internet connection in order to find identify the IP address.  Click here to lookup your IP address.

Free Website, server and IP monitoring tool

We provide effective monitoring of your website and server from checkpoints around the globe. With the free website and server monitoring tools you can display the uptime on your website with the uptime button. Click here if you want to use our free website monitoring and server monitoring tool.