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Product features


General features
Global Monitoring Network Website Monitoring Transaction Monitoring
Web Performance Monitoring Server Monitoring SLA Monitoring
Real Browser Monitoring Standard and Customized Reports End-user Perspective
Error Analysis Escalation and Maintenance Settings Notifications and Alerting
Operators Free Mobile Apps Export Data and XML Interface
Free Windows Gadget Online Tools No Software to Install


Global Monitoring Network


Website Monitoring

  • A monitoring frequency of 1 - 60 minutes (depending on your Uptrends edition)
  • Monitor secured and unsecured URLs
  • HTTP login
  • Content match for each page
  • Real Browser monitoring available
  • Full Page Check
  • Monitor multiple pages
  • Monitor from the end user’s perspective


Transaction Monitoring

  • Transaction Monitoring with a real browser
  • Monitoring frequency of 1 - 60 minutes
  • Ability to monitor unlimited steps
  • Can log in, click on links, fill in forms, perform content checks, etc.
  • Fill in date-dependent values and search for dynamic keywords
  • Transaction Recorder: Quickly record and upload transactions to your account. A powerful tool that lets you capture all the actions performed in a browser... totally free!
  • Transaction Recorder supports AJAX-enabled websites
  • Divide the transaction into steps, give each step its own name
  • Save the recording for future editing
  • View the load time of each step in the Uptrends reports
  • Receive alerts when a transaction step is not working or is slow
  • Detect performance issues
  • Also monitors secure sites
  • Cookie caching/hiding
  • Select unlimited checkpoints without added fees
  • Free transaction consulting to create or modify your transactions

Web Performance Monitoring

  • Web Performance Monitoring with a genuine browser: The timing of each element is exactly as it happens in your own browser!
  • Timing for each element is exactly as it happens in your browser
  • Monitor frequency 1 - 60 minutes
  • Monitor each element of the HTML page, including style sheets, images, and first- and third-party scripts
  • Waterfall chart of all elements embedded in a page to help analyze the performance of your website and show you which element slows down your page
  • Check for the maximum size (in bytes) of the entire page, including all downloaded page elements
  • Check for the maximum size (in bytes) for a single page element (e.g., script, image or style sheet)
  • Content match
  • Load time limits for the entire page
  • Check for errors on page elements (e.g. missing images)
  • Generate errors when failure occurs with a certain percentage of page elements. For example, give an alert when at least 10% of the page’s elements fail
  • The ability to ignore errors for elements that come from external websites, for example, an external web analytics or ad server script
  • Include/exclude third-party content with our advanced third party monitoring functionalities
  • Extensive insights into the load time, error codes, file size and many more details of your website on domain group level.
  • Can also monitor secured pages

Server Monitoring

  • Server Monitoring: Monitor frequency 1 - 60 minutes (depending on your Uptrends edition)
  • Web services: Webservice HTTP, webservice HTTPS
  • Mail servers: SMTP, POP3
  • Database servers: Microsoft SQL server, MySQL
  • Advanced checks: DNS, FTP
  • Network checks: Ping, Connect
  • User name/password authentication on all applicable protocols

SLA Monitoring

  • Monitor SLA objectives
  • Define SLA settings for uptime, load time and operator response
  • Create unique login for customers so they have access to the SLA reports
  • Provide customers online and e-mail reports about SLA performance

Standard and Customized Reports

  • View standard or customized reports
  • Powerful Report Builder: Create your own personalized reports; drag/drop and use filters.
  • View reports based on one probe or probe groups
  • Different detailed reports about uptime and availability
  • Different detailed reports about load-times and website speed
  • View load times from global checkpoints
  • Waterfall reports: See which element of HTML page slows down your site
  • Different detailed reports about errors types
  • Account cockpit: View status continuously; refreshes automatically
  • View snapshots of errors
  • View automatic traceroutes in case of errors
  • View log files of each check of the past 90 days
  • Export data of reports to Excel and PDF
  • Reports can be sent via e-mail
  • XML interface
  • View reports in standard and specific time period
  • Statistical data available for at least two years
  • Three different types of e-mail reports: by day, week or month
  • Tailor made e-mail reports can be created with our report builder
  • View reports in standard and specific time periods

Notifications and Alerting

  • Receive alerts by SMS, E-mail, RSS and IM
  • Receive instant push notifications on your mobile phone using our free apps
  • Free Windows Gadget: View the status right on your desktop
  • Configure your own alerts: Define who needs to receive an alert and when
  • Define time-out and performance thresholds
  • Different gateways in each continent for issuance of SMS alerts
  • No false alerts: Errors are cross-checked from a second checkpoint
  • Receive alerts when the website or server is down
  • Receive alerts when a page of the website is slow
  • Receive alerts when a transaction step is not working or is slow
  • Absence/presence of content on a page
  • Add unlimited contact people
  • Create operator groups
  • Define alert definitions
  • Define escalation levels, who needs to receive an alert and when
  • Schedule maintenance
  • Turn off alerts with one click
  • Receive an “OK” message alert when the site/server is up again
  • Alerts are logged

Escalation and Maintenance Settings

  • Specify how long the site or server must be down before an alert is sent
  • Specify how many errors the site or server must produce before an alert is sent
  • Unlimited escalation levels: When the site or server has been down for more than X minutes, an alternate operator will be alerted.
  • Specify the issuance of as many reminders as you want to make sure alerts do not go unnoticed
  • Four different SMS gateways: If for any reason the default SMS provider fails to deliver an SMS alert, we automatically switch to a different SMS provider and send the alert
  • Schedule maintenance windows when the site or server does not need to be monitored

Free Mobile Apps

  • Free apps for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7
  • Search in the market places for “Uptrends” and download
  • A clear, color-coded overview of your websites and servers, showing their status and uptime percentages
  • A history of alerts for your websites and servers
  • User-settable refresh rate, notifications and sounds for peak time and off-peak time
  • Extensive sorting and filtering options
  • Probes and alerts can be turned on/off
  • Optional instant browsing

End User’s Perspective

  • Uptrends simulates real visitors, users and customers
  • Global monitoring network: monitor from where your visitors, users and customers are located

Error Analysis

  • Drill down into error messages
  • Error occurrence automatically triggers a traceroute
  • View the HTML result of an error
  • View snapshots of an error
  • Detailed reports on error types

Real Browser Monitoring

  • Traditional monitoring only simulates the HTTP protocol. With the Real Browser probe type, we start a real browser which renders a page, builds a DOM and executes scripts.

Free Windows Gadget

  • The Uptrends Uptime Gadget for Windows is a free tool for all Uptrends users using the Windows Sidebar in Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • At-a-glance status: Green means “OK,” and red means action is required
  • Time and place of the last check in your account
  • Overall uptime percentage in the past 24 hours
  • Average load time in the past 24 hours
  • Number of errors in the past 24 hours
  • Number of warnings in the past 24 hours


  • Add unlimited operators
  • Group operators by operator groups
  • Give operators administrator rights
  • Send free test alerts (SMS and e-mail) to configure the setup
  • Set duty periods

Online Tools

Export Data and XML Interface

  • The Uptrends webservice publishes statistical data from an Uptrends account
  • Export data from the Uptrends reports to Excel and PDF files

No Software to Install

  • No software installation is required
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Just add the URL or IP address, and we will start monitoring!