Uptrends performance monitoring for online retailers.

What Uptrends can do for you

As an online retail company, excellent uptime and performance is critical. As soon as your customers experience downtime, slow web pages or failures with shopping carts or registration forms they may very well go somewhere else. This means that you will lose visitors, leads, customers and revenue. Most shops are using applications from a variety of different providers, including internal search engines, shopping carts and payment solutions. Everything on your site may work perfectly but in some cases, an application from a third-party solution provider can cause problems during the order process.

Uptrends can monitor your website, shopping carts, internal search engine and registration forms from an end-user perspective. With the premier website monitoring tools from Uptrends, you can improve the uptime and performance of your website and online shop, allowing you to keep your customers on your site and increase sales.

Monitor your website, transactions and servers from an end-user perspective

To optimize the visitor, user and customer experience, it is critical to monitor from the end user's perspective which is exactly what we do at Uptrends. External monitoring from outside the firewall is the most reliable way to monitor your website, server and transactions. Uptrends is a leading provider of website, server and transactions monitoring services with its own global monitoring network.

Advanced transaction recorder

Easily record your own transactions with the Uptrends Transaction Recorder. The Recorder runs on your own computer, allowing you to click and navigate in your own web pages, fill in logins, contact forms or shopping cart pages, just like you would in your regular browser. We will record every click or selection, and any text you type in your web pages.

When you complete your transaction, the transaction recorder will upload it to your Uptrends account. The transaction will be actively monitored immediately. Of course, if you need any help, our technical consultants can also help you create the transactions at no additional fee.

Checkpoints in all major cities and every continent.

Uptrends has partnered with leading infrastructure and connectivity providers to establish our advanced global monitoring network. We have monitoring checkpoints in major cities across North America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia. Uptrends continues to expand our global monitoring network and continually adds new checkpoints.

Diagnose server, network and website failures.

With Uptrends uptime monitoring service you can diagnose errors to improve your server, network and website performance and prevent issues. As part of the Uptrends server monitoring service, you can monitor a wide array of different protocols. In case of website failures, Uptrends will make a screenshot of the error, perform automatic traceroutes, report the error from a specific checkpoint and provide you detailed error log files.

Immediate alerts. Define escalation levels and maintenance

Uptrends can send alerts to your mobile phone, email, RSS and instant messenger. We will notify about what the issue is and when it has been solved. In case of failures, we will perform an automatic double check from a separate checkpoint, ensuring that Uptrends will not send any false alerts. With Uptrends, you can define your own escalation settings and alert definitions. You can define maintenance periods as well as who will receive an alert and when.

Detailed online and e-mail reports

The online and email reports will help you identify and solve issues quickly. It will also help you prevent future issues. You will be able to view reports about the uptime, downtime or page load time using our global monitoring network. You can select your own time period for reports, view snapshots of the errors and export the reports in several formats, including our XML interface.

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