Uptrends provides premier 3rd party monitoring for websites

Verify uptime and performance with 3rd party monitoring for websites

Businesses around the world rely on their website to generate sales, promote your company products and positively promote your brand image. When your website’s load time or downtime are causing you to lose visitors, lessen click through rates or attract repeat visitors, your organization suffers. This is why Uptrends provides external, 3rd party monitoring for websites in 23 countries around the world.

Uptrends offers world-class software which operates outside your network to monitor and verify the load time and overall ability of your website so you know exactly what your user’s are experiencing from any geographical location around the world.

3rd party monitoring for websites includes instant alerts and wide array of features

When issues arise on your website that are negatively affecting your ability to retain and attract visitors (such as downtime or slow load time), Uptrends will make sure you are alerted instantly. You will receive an alert via SMS, email, IM, RSS and even windows sidebar gadget. In addition to being alerted to the problem, you will also be able to view a traceroute taken at the time of the error as well as view a screenshot taken from the web visitor’s point of view any time your site has downtime.

Additionally, Uptrends provides a number of advanced features typically only offered from companies that charge three to four times the price. Features include:

  • Simple configuration. Site monitoring starts in under a minute
  • No software to install and virtually no learning curve. It is extremely simple to use!
  • With dozens of checkpoints on different hosting providers, data we record is always accurate
  • Personalize your 3rd party monitoring for websites with any or all of our global checkpoints at no additional fee
  • No matter what you change on your website, you will always know what your end users experience
  • SLA reports generated ad-hoc or automated via email show actual performance against your SLA goals
  • Monitor each step of an online transaction or scenario
  • Highly detailed and easy to read online & email reports display uptime, errors and page load time data
  • Pinpoint the cause of load time issues with our full page check tool which verifies load time for every chart, script, image or element on the page
  • Easily personalize escalation levels, set up multiple operators and access a wide array of customizable settings in our web based control panel

Thousands of customers trust Uptrends when it comes to 3rd party monitoring for websites

Uptrends offers a unique blend of powerful features and low price coupled with an exceptionally simple user interface. You can have your account running in under a minute and you will still have all of the most powerful tools available on the market at an extremely aggressive price point that can’t be beat! If you would like to really find out why thousands of customers in 23 countries trust Uptrends as their tool of choice for 3rd party monitoring for websites, we invite you to register for a completely free 30 day trial. There is no risk, obligation or credit card required, so come get your free account today!