Accurately measure website performance with 3rd party site monitoring from Uptrends

3rd party site monitoring works from around the globe to verify website speed or availability

Uptrends is the premier 3rd party site monitoring tool on the market, with thousands of customers spread across 23 countries worldwide. Because Uptrends monitors your site from dozens of countries around the world, you are provided insight into your actual customer experience in a way that no internal monitoring tool can provide. We can monitor the load time of your html as well as the response, connection and download time of every single element on any given page. And of course, Uptrends can monitor the basic availability of your site as well as monitor any multi step scenario or transaction. And with Uptrends, you will receive instant alerts by SMS, email, RSS or even instant messenger any time your user defined page load time goals are exceeded or when your site experiences downtime.

And by double verifying any recorded website error, you can be assured that false alerts are eliminated. There is no more affective, reliable and accurate 3rd party site monitoring tool on the market. And there is most certainly nothing of this caliber offered at the pricing offered by Uptrends.

Advanced 3rd party site monitoring at a price to fit any budget

With Uptrends, you will have the most advanced 3rd party site monitoring tool on the market at a price that doesn’t require a F500 budget to afford! Features include:

  • The most intuitive user interface on the market
  • Ability to monitor multiple step scenarios like shopping carts, user registrations and more
  • Capable of monitoring every page element on any given URL for the ultimate ability to measure website speed
  • Customizable alert definitions with escalation levels, maintenance periods and more
  • Unquestionably the best report generating features in the industry. Reports are easy to generate and even easier to read and comprehend
  • Diagnostic tools to help you identify and repair issues with your site, including screen shots and trace route data in the event of a website error.
  • No additional fees for using any or all of our global monitoring checkpoints located in major cities around the globe

Get the premier 3rd party site monitoring solution free of charge!

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