Uptrends provides real time alert web site performance issues

Uptrends provides real time testing of website performance and downtime

Websites slow down or go down for a lot of reasons. It could be due to a change at your hosting provider, on your web server,and dozens of other reasons. Or perhaps you are having DNS issues, non reliable third party elements or a host of other issues. And more imporantly, your end users in different geographies experience your site differently. This is why you require a tool that resides outside of your network to alert web site problems in real time from a reliable 3rd party like Uptrends. Thanks to the instant notification, you can quickly repair issues that might otherwise cause drastic declines in sales, decreased average time spent on each page of your site, repeat visitors, loss of new user registrations and more. When your website is important to the success of your business, you need an ongoing tool that can alert you instantly when your website performance begins to lag. This is where Uptrends can be of service.

We will visit your website every few minutes and record the response and load time of your website and can alert you instantly when website performance issues happen. And because we visit your site from checkpoints all around the world, you will have unique insight into the actual performance experienced by your website users, regardless of where in the world they reside.

System can alert web site performance issues in real time. No false alerts

Uptrends users have an array of diagnostic tools which will help you not only recieve notification of performance issues, but will also give you the diagnostic tools to track down and repair issues too. Some product features include:

  • Customize the global monitoring checkpoints utilized. Add any of our dozens of checkpoints to your monitoring for free.
  • Configure alerts to be sent in real time when issues arise. Alerts are sent via SMS, email, RSS and IM
  • Create and export a tremendous number of reports that detail load time and availability for up to 2 years. Reports isolate load time by monitoring checkpoint location, time period and other criteria.
  • Test online transactions such as logins and e-commerce processes and get alert web site errors that go beyond just your home page
  • Full page check feature monitors the connection, response and download time of every page element to isolate bottlenecks

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