Best website monitoring software available!

Why does Uptrends consider itself the best website monitoring software available? Well, for starters, users get all of the core functions that website monitoring can offer. For example, Uptrends visits or goes through multi-step processes on your website every few minutes from locations around the globe. When an error occurs or page load time performs poorly, you recieve an instant notification by email, SMS, RSS and IM. Uptrends also comes with an array of diagnostic tools to help you pinpoint the cause of the performance issues so you can minimize downtime and site failures. But this is just the beginning. With a host of advanced features detailed below, Uptrends truly can set itself aside as the best website monitoring software available, with prices that are considerably less than anything else of its kind.

And best of all, you can register a completely free four week trial to see for yourself why over 90% of Uptrends customers renew their subscriptions year over year. Review the various account types or sign up for your free trial account now!

What advanced features make Uptrends the best website monitoring software available?

There are many web uptime monitor options available to chose from, but anything that is priced in the same range as Uptrends will simply verify that the IP address of your site responds. If it doesn’t they send you an alert. For users that need something more advanced however, there are only a small handful of options, all of which are considerably more expensive than the services from Uptrends. So, when you’re looking for an advanced web uptime monitor, there is no better value than Uptrends. Here are just a few of the advanced capabilities offered that really make Uptrends best website monitoring software at the most competitive price:

  • Monitor multi-step transactions or scenario such as shopping carts, new user registrations o or log in processes.
  • Extremely intuitive, web-based control panel offers the best user interface in the industry
  • No software to download. Web hosted solution can be configured in under 60 seconds.
  • Easily customize escalation levels, auto generated email reports and unlimited operators with customized alert settings
  • Ability to monitor availability and load time of every page element on any web page to pinpoint performance issues.
  • We use real web browsers, just like your website visitors. Some competitors use an emulator
  • Monitoring done with our network of dozens of global checkpoints. Unlike our competitors, we offer additional checkpoints free of charge.
  • Stay on top of your site’s status with daily summary emails
  • Free access to screenshots of every error recorded to allow for easy diagnosis of issues
  • Email reports of every error include full trace route information

Uptrends has thousands of users in 23 countries around the world. And now, you can find out what all of these other users already know: Uptrends is the best website monitoring software available. In not time, you will find an array of features that help you optimize and increase the ROI of maintaining your website. We encourage you to find out for yourself what makes Uptrends the best website monitoring software by taking the next 60 seconds to sign up for our free 4-week trial.