Business transaction monitor from the end user’s perspective

Advanced business transaction monitor. Monitor scenarios such as logins, forms and shopping baskets.

Uptrends is a leading provider of business transaction monitor services. You can monitor multiple steps from the end user’s perspective such as login, forms, shopping baskets and click paths. When a transaction step fails, Uptrends will send you a notification in real time via SMS and e-mail. With Uptrends you will always be the first to know whethere your business transactions are working or not. Reduce downtime and maximize uptime. No new software installation is necessary, because it is based on Saas. Sign up for a free 4-week trial. Sign up now.

Uptrends’ business transaction monitor service is easy to set up. Use our transaction recorder.

The Uptrends business transaction monitor service is easy to set up. Because it is an online service, all you do is register for a free 4-week trial account. Then you can login, view the reports and start monitoring your business transactions. It will work within 5 minutes.

To create business transaction scripts, you can download the Uptrends transaction recorder. Once the transaction recorder is installed, you can easily navigate through the website for which you want to create the transactions. Our transaction recorder will automatically create a script of all the steps, clicks and logins you do. When you are done recording the transaction scenario, simply upload the transaction script to your Uptrends account. Just one click does it!

Be the first to know when one of the transaction steps will fail. A global monitoring network.

Uptrends will monitor your website and transactions continuously from the end user’s perspective. When your website or transaction is not working, Uptrends will immediately perform a double check from a different checkpoint, which is located in a different city or country. When two checkpoints register downtime, Uptrends will automatically send you alerts via SMS, e-mail, RSS and IM. Of course, you can also add unlimited contacts and define maintenance and escalation levels. Because Uptrends is a real-time business transaction monitor service, you will always be the first to know when there is downtime. By minimizing downtime, you help prevent the loss of leads and revenue, and you enhance the visitor experience.

Uptrends will monitor your business transactions from the end user’s perspective. This means we will start up a real browser in order to monitor your transactions. Uptrends has its own, fully redundant monitoring network. Uptrends owns one of the largest monitoring networks in the world, and we have monitoring stations in each continent. This makes it possible for us to monitor your website and business transactions from cities in many different countries.

View detailed reports as part of the business transaction monitor service.

As part of the Uptrends business transaction monitor service, you will receive many detailed reports about the performance, uptime, error types and speed of your website. For example, you can see which errors have caused the most downtime as well as the load time of each transaction step from the perspectives of end users in different cities.

Sign up for the business transaction monitor service now. Free 4-week trial.

Be the first to know when your business transactions are not working. Uptrends’ transaction monitor service starts working within 5 minutes. Sign up for a free 4-week trial. No obligations and no credit card details are required.