Cheap Web site Monitoring

Does a tight budget have you looking for a cheap web site monitoring solution?

When you are looking for an external service to reliably monitor your web site, a tight budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrafice premier features. When availability and performance are critical to your success, you can trust Uptrends for the most advanced product of its kind at a price point that fits any budget.

With our easy to use control panel, you can customize operators, escalation levels, SLA goals, maintenance periods and a variety of status emails. Uptrends allows you to monitor each step of an online transaction or scenario such as an e-commerce process, webmail login or user registration. You can easily access an infinite array of user-defined reports, and even view screen shots of errors that have occured taken automatically from the end-user’s location. When your site has downtime, you can easily view trace route information to help pinpoint the error.

And when you really want to monitor a site at the most granualr level, Uptrends can verify load time and availability or every page element on your site.

A closer look: Further features of surprisingly cheap web site monitoring from Uptrends. The incredibly cheap web site monitoring service from Uptrends is packed with features that put it on par with products 4 and 5 times the cost.

Features include:

  • Global monitoring across 6 continents captures end user experiences for downtime and page load time inclusive of geographical variances.
  • Instant notification system when problems arise with alerts issued by SMS, email, RSS or IM
  • No extra costs for using additional global checkpoints
  • No extra costs for accessing screenshots of every error recorded
  • No extra costs for configuring your online transaction or server monitoring
  • The most user-friendly control panel in the business
  • Ability to monitor multi-step scenarios with our transaction monitor
  • An infinite number of user-generated, easy to export, customizable reports
  • Monitor different protocols, including http, https, connect, ping, SMTP, POP3, FTP, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Webservice http, webservice https, DNS and more.
  • Access user-defined escalation levels and scheduled maintenance periods

There is no other cheap web site monitoring solution that can come close to this list of abilitites!

And now, you can access this entire suite of tools and receive free uptime monitoring thanks to our fully featured four week trial account.