Don't pass up on features when you buy cheap website monitoring

Uptrends offers cheap website monitoring that blows away the competition

You put a lot of work and energy into creating your websites and you likely have expectations about the sales, leads or productivity gains created by these sites. But what happens when your site is not has downtime or when page load time issues are causing your visitors to leave your site? Are you relying on an internal monitoring tool or worse yet, using nothing at all?

With website monitoring from Uptrends, you will always know when issues on your website are costing you sales or leads. And just because this is cheap website monitoring software, doesn't mean we skimp out on features. With a worldwide network comprised of dozens of checkpoints, Uptrends will visit your website every five or ten minutes (based on account type) and will notify you in real time whenever downtime occurs. You will receive your instant alerts by e-mail, SMS, RSS or instant messenger. And with our easy to use control panel, you will be able to configure your account to personalize escalation levels, any number of your administrators to receive specific alerts from any specific scenario, and much more.

Some advanced features that come with cheap website monitoring from Uptrends

The website monitoring tools from Uptrends do more than just tell you when your site goes down. We also monitor for page load time, monitor multi-step transactions or even carry out a full page check to verify every page element on any given URL. No other cheap website monitoring product on the market can boast these features!

And with Uptrends, there is no software to install or lengthy process for getting started. In fact, in under a minute, your free trial account can be registered, configured and running! Sign up now for a free 4 week trial.

How does Uptrends surpass other cheap website monitoring tools?

  • No software to install
  • Verify any multi-step scenario or transaction, not just a flat webpage.
  • Includes full access to our entire global network comprised of dozens of checkpoints in major cities across North America, Europe, South America, Africa and Asia; all at no additional fee
  • Receive email reports on uptime percentages and other statistics on a daily basis.
  • Wide variety of reports on page uptime, load time and more, going back as far as two years!
  • Free diagnostic tools include ability to view screenshots of past errors so you see what your site visitors see.
  • Ability to monitor any given web page for a specific keyword or its absence
  • Customize your alert settings and what events cause an alert to be generated

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