Check site performance around the clock automatically

Uptrends will check site performance as measured from your end user's point of view

With the Uptrends external website monitoring service, you can check site performance from dozens of locations around the world and learn exactly what your users are experiencing, including variances that occur due to geographic dispersal of your site visitors. Uptrends employs dozens of checkpoints in major cities spread across every continent. We will visit your website or servers every 5 or 10 minutes from a different worldwide location, checking for website availability as well as page load time. When an error is recorded, we provide you access to a screenshot so you will see exactly what your site visitors are seeing as well as instantly notify you via text message, email, RSS and IM so you can take immediate action to repair any issues that have arisen.

Uptrends offers a unique combination of simple user interface, advanced tools for diagnosing problems and reliability with a price that anyone can afford. When you need to check site performance and availability from outside your own infrastructure, you owe it to yourself to give Uptrends a test drive. And now you can do so with no cost and almost zero effort thanks to our fully featured four week trial. Come see for yourself why over 90% of Uptrends customers renew their subscriptions year over year! Sign up for your free trial account now!

You can check site performance and availability with these advanced features:

  • Easily monitor multi-step scenarios such as e-commerce transactions, logins or new user registrations
  • Clean user interface that makes using the system a breeze!
  • Ability to monitor any given web page for a specific keyword or its absence
  • No charge to utilize our entire global network of dozens of checkpoints
  • Optionally check site performance by monitoring availability and speed of individual page elements
  • Instant alerts via SMS, email, RSS and IM when site performance issues arise
  • Infinite array of user defined reports which are easily exported via PDF, email, Excel and more
  • Compare your SLA goals against real world performance
  • No charge to access screenshots from the end-user's perspective when errors are recorded
  • Email reports of every error include trace route information

Experience it for yourself-Free of charge!

You can access these advanced features by registering your account today! Come learn why thousands of companies in 23 countries rely on Uptrends web site uptime monitor by taking advantage of our fully featured four week trial. Start your trial now!