Uptrends can reliably check web site performance and availability 24x7

Check web site performance as your site visitors see it from anywhere on the planet!

If your website's success is critical to the success of your business, you need to employ the services of a reliable and trusted uptime monitoring service to check web site performance and availability. With thousands of customers in 23 countries around the world, Uptrends has proven to be the most affordable service of its kind. You will have a tremendous number of tools to check web site uptime and performance issues at a price that will surprise you.

With Uptrends, you will have dozens of checkpoints check web site availability and performance from cities all around the globe. When an error occurs, or page load time exceeds the user-defined limit, you will receive notification in real time by SMS, email, RSS and even instant messenger. But these are just the basic features! Take a look at just some of the advanced features provided by the Uptrends monitoring service:

  • Easy to get started, with no software to install
  • Monitor availability and speed of multi-step transactions, such as an ecommerce transaction or user registration
  • Utilize the Uptrends global network with dozens of checkpoints all over the world on almost every continent
  • Check web site performance by monitoring speed and availability of all individual page elements thanks to our full page check tools
  • Receive email reports on uptime percentages and other statistics on a daily basis
  • Access a snapshot of what your site visitors see any time an error is recorded
  • Customize your alert settings and escalation levels
  • When compared to products of similar capabilities, Uptrends is easily the least expensive product on the market

Uptrends invites you to learn why we are the leading provider of remote website, transaction and server monitoring services. In under 60 seconds, you can register, configure and launch Uptrends to monitor site performance or transactions. Sign up for your 4 week trial now.