Check website status

Check the status of your website continuously, and receive alerts in the event of downtime

You can use Uptrends to continuously check the status of your website. When you check your website status with Uptrends, you will be able to monitor uptime, analyze it and improve it. Additionally, you will get a detailed overview of error types, including snapshots of errors. You can also monitor the total time and see how quickly your website loads from different cities worldwide. Sign up for a free 4-week trial.

Check website status, and be the first to know if downtime occurs.

With Uptrends monitoring the status of your website, you will be the first to know in the event there is downtime. Uptrends is an external website monitor service: It monitors your website from the end user’s perspective, outside the firewall.

Part of the Uptrends monitor service is the status overview report:

  • Website Status Green: All your websites are okay and working.
  • Website Status Orange: One or more pages of your website are slow or not available from one checkpoint.
  • Website Status Red: One or more pages of your website is slow or not available from two checkpoints.

When the status is red, Uptrends will send alerts to your mobile phone (SMS), e-mail, IM and RSS. When there is downtime, Uptrends will check the status of your website from two different monitoring stations. So, Uptrends is the choice for reliable, accurate website monitoring.

Check website status and more with Uptrends!

In addition to checking website status, you can also monitor the most common error types and load times through our global network of checkpoints. Uptrends gives you highly detailed reports, too. You can view the reports online, but you and your co-workers can also receive the reports by e-mail.

Uptrends also provides advanced website monitor services:

  • Full-page monitor service: Monitor each element of your site, and optimize the speed of your website.
  • Website transaction monitor service: Monitor multiple pages and click paths of your website. This service is used to monitor forms, logins and shopping baskets. Create scripts with the Uptrends transaction recorder.

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