Check website uptime

Use Uptrends to check website uptime, receive SMS alerts and view extensive reports.

Uptrends is the ideal monitor service for checking the uptime of your website, because it actually helps you maximize uptime. The Uptrends monitor service is accurate, affordable and reliable. We will check the website’s uptime externally, outside the firewall, from the perspective of your visitors, users and customers.

Our service will continually and automatically monitor uptime, with selectable intervals of either 5 minutes or 10 minutes. When there is downtime or your website is slow, Uptrends will send you real-time notifications via SMS and e-mail. Use Uptrends to maximize uptime and reduce downtime, and give your customers the very best website experience!

Uptrends is the accurate, reliable way to check website uptime!

Uptrends is the ideal choice for reliability when you want to monitor uptime for your website. The reason for this is simple: Uptrends is an external monitor service. That means we will monitor uptime for your website from outside the firewall, exactly the way your visitors experience it.

Remember, Uptrends will never send you false alerts. Because Uptrends has monitoring stations in many cities in different countries, we always perform a double-check first, using different checkpoints. If there is a downtime event at one monitoring point, our system will immediately conduct a second check from a different point. So, any alert you receive from Uptrends will be verifiably true and accurate.

Check website uptime every 5 or 10 minutes, and get detailed error analysis.

Uptrends will automatically check your website’s uptime every 5 or 10 minutes. However, if you would like to use a different monitoring interval, just fill in our contact form or call us. Uptrends provides detailed reports about uptime, load time and error types. These reports are extensive and real-time, but they are also easy to read. Using our advanced snapshot technology, you can see exactly what kind of error was shown to your visitors. You will also be able to view the data of each check for 90 days. As with all Uptrends services, the report interface is one of the best you will find anywhere.

Uptrends can monitor transactions and performance in addition to website uptime checking.

Of course, Uptrends can be used to monitor uptime, but it can also be used to monitor website transactions and site performance. Our transaction service can, for instance, monitor uptime for multiple pages of your website, such as forms, login and shopping baskets. Using our advanced transaction recorder, you can navigate through your website, and each step of the transaction will be recorded automatically. Once you have finished the navigation process, you can easily upload the script to your Uptrends account. We will immediately start monitoring, and will provide detailed reports about the uptime of your transactions, such as the time of each transaction step. Learn more about the transaction monitor service.

In addition to uptime, Uptrends can check the performance of your website. Uptrends will check to see if your website is fast enough and which elements of your HTML page will slow down your site. An image that is too large, or a third-party script, can slow down your website significantly. That is why you should use Uptrends website performance monitoring. It lets you see exactly which areas of your website would benefit from an improved load time. Learn more about website performance monitoring.

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