Uptrends uses global network of checkpoints to carry out detailed website monitoring

Detailed website monitoring gives true insight into performance

When you need to measure the performance of your websites, online transactions or hosted applications, you can rely on the detailed website monitoring from Uptrends to show you exactly what your users see, including differences caused by the geographic dispersion of your visitors. By utilizing dozens of global checkpoints across Europe, North and South America, Australia and Asia, Uptrends can tell you what your users are experiencing, regardless of their geography.

Uptrends can measure performance at two levels; by either measuring the load time of an entire page, or a more granular measurement of the connection, response and download time of each individual page element. And because the detailed website monitoring from Uptrends is executed from outside of your network, you can rest assured that results are a direct reflection of user experience.

The most detailed website monitoring possible when you use our full page check

When you utilize Uptrends as your website monitoring tool, you will have a wide number of features at your disposal, including access to our full page check tool. With the full page check, you can monitor the load time and availability of individual page elements on your site, providing you with a number of alerts related to the loading of your page content. When you are looking for highly detailed website monitoring, you can trust our full page check to perform at the most granular level possible.

Highly detailed website monitoring combined with simple to use control panel

With Uptrends, you will control your account through our surprisingly simple to use web based control panel. Once inside the control panel, you will find that you have a wide array of configurable options without a complicated design layout that leaves you wondering how to find what you need. In less than a minute, you can register a free account, configure it to begin monitoring your site and start alerts by SMS, email, IM and RSS alerts when your site doges down. And if you want more detailed website monitoring, you can configure your control panel to alert you when your website fails to meet your user-defined page load times goals as well.

Additional features include the configuring of:

  • Multiple escalation periods with an infinite number of operators
  • Maintenance periods to indicate when your site is off line
  • An infinite number of operators with personalize alerts for specific sites being monitored
  • Specific types of reports sent to certain members of your team on a daily, weekly or monthly frequency
  • Custom settings that dictate when an alert is sent and to whom
  • Transaction monitoring to verify the success and performance of a multi-step scenario or transaction
  • Free usage of our entire global monitoring network
  • Optional use of our full page check probe to get the most detailed website monitoring possible; at the page element level

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