DNS monitoring.

Be the first to know when your organization's DNS servers are not functioning properly.

Confirm whether the DNS of your website is performing well from different cities and countries around the world. Domain Name Servers (DNS) are an indispensable part of today’s internet use. The most important use of DNS server is translating human-readable domain names to machine-readable IP addresses. If your organization’s DNS servers are not functioning properly or down, it might lead to problems for visitors, users and customers. They might even be directed to a different website than you intended! Additionally, multiple services such as mail servers or proxy servers can be affected. It is critical that this service performs without failure and as fast as possible. This is why DNS monitoring is so critical to your organization’s success.

Uptrends’ external DNS monitoring service helps you monitor, diagnose, receive notifications and access reports regarding the performance of your DNS servers. We have monitoring stations all over the world to ensure data reliability.

When the Uptrends DNS monitoring service detects a failure with the DNS server, we will send instant alerts by SMS, e-mail, RSS or instant messaging. Or, if you’re a Windows Vista user, you can even download our Windows Sidebar Gadget which allows you to view the status of your DNS server right on your desktop in real time! Signup for a free 4 week trial now.

The advantages of the Uptrends DNS monitoring service:

  • No installation required. Start to monitor your DNS server within 1 minute
  • Uptrends will monitor your DNS server from outside the firewall
  • Real-time alerts by SMS, email, RSS and IM
  • Global monitoring network with checkpoints on every continent
  • Detailed online and email reports about availability and errors
  • No false alerts due to our double verification system
  • Customizable escalation, maintenance and alert settings
  • Automatic trace routes in case a failure occurs

What you can do with the Uptrends DNS monitoring service

The most common item you may wish to verify is whether your domain name (www.yourcompany.com) is still pointing to the IP address of your web server. Your provider’s name server is the primary, first-hand source of this information. By monitoring this DNS query directly, we will detect any DNS problems, even before your website becomes unavailable for your visitors and customers.

Uptrends' DNS probe lets you do extensive DNS health checks, including: verify your website domain names (A and CNAME records), mail server domain name mappings (MX records), DNS zone delegates (NS records), authoritative information about DNS zones (SOA records) and other DNS information, contained in TXT records (including SPF information for e-mail authentication).

Signup for a free 4 week trial to monitor your DNS server.

Uptrends continues to serve as a leading provider of website, transaction and server monitoring services for over 1500 customers in 23 countries. And because we have offices in both the US and Europe, you are guaranteed around the clock, responsive customer support. Signup for a free trial account now!