Downtime monitoring

Be the first to know when your website, servers or applications fail.

With a globally distributed infrastructure of monitoring stations, Uptrends downtime monitoring service continuously checks if your websites, servers and applications are available and working correctly. We will monitor your web properties from outside your firewall to ensure that the uptime percentage data we provide is accurate and true. We will monitor your sites from the end user perspective from checkpoints located all around the globe, allowing you to know exactly what your users are experiencing, including availability and page load times. Results of the data we collect are presented in daily email reports as well is via user-defined reports available through your control panel. And when there is downtime recorded, we will send you alerts by SMS, RSS, IM and email. With the Uptrends downtime monitoring service you will be the first to know when a failure has occurred.

When your website, server or applications are down, your visitors, users and customers may go somewhere else, which means that downtime can be very expensive! The Uptrends downtime monitoring service will help you maximize the amount of time your websites and services are available to your customers and site visitors, allowing you to maximize uptime and minimize lost revenue, annoyed customers, and a negative impact on your online reputation.

Annual Uptime Annual Downtime Business Days 95% 438 hours Almost 3 weeks 99% 87 hours, 36 minutes Almost 4 days 99.9% 8 hours, 45 minutes A whole business day 99.99% 53 minutes

Uptrends is a reliable and hosted downtime monitoring service:

  • A global, fully redundant monitoring infrastructure
  • Easy to configure and powerful web-based control panel
  • Automated SMS, RSS, IM and email alerts in case of downtime
  • Detailed reports to help drive site performance
  • Verify SLA objectives
  • Route cause analysis. We will alert and report details to you regarding the cause any issues
  • Add unlimited contacts to your Uptrends account
  • Reduce downtime. Maximize uptime!

Uptrends downtime monitoring service is affordable

The Uptrends downtime monitoring service is affordable, reliable and accurate. And unlike our competition, we never charge you additional fees for using our entire network of global monitoring stations. Our global and fully redundant monitoring infrastructure uses monitoring stations in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Spain, France, Singapore, China, Brazil and Israel. In case of downtime, we will always perform a secondary verification from a separate monitoring checkpoint to completely eradicate false alerts. Start getting real-time alerts from Uptrends and you will be the first to know if your website, server or applications are down.

Uptrends is a global leader of website, server and application monitoring services.

Our mission is to improve the availability and uptime of websites, servers and applications of our customers. We serve more than 1,500 customers in 23 countries. Uptrends has offices in the US and Europe to provide the most responsive customer support in the industry. Signup for a free 4 week trial and start to monitor downtime today!. Click here to signup.