External monitoring test website speed and availability from all global locations

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In today's business environment, your website likely plays a critical role in your success. And for thousands of companies in 23 countries around the world, there is one obvious solution to test website speed and availability; Uptrends.com. We invite you to see why this is the premier external monitoring test website tool in the world with our free, 4 week trial.

With your Uptrends account for external monitoring test website, you will have a network of checkpoints located in major cities on every continent visiting your site every 5 or 10 minutes. When your website load time exceeds user defined goals or when the site is down for any reason, you will instantly receive an alert by SMS, email, windows sidebar gadget, RSS feed and instant messenger, allowing you to quickly repair the problem before it issue cripples your business.

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Worldwide checkpoints and advanced features for external monitoring test website

If you want to do anything beyond a simple ping of a URL, you will need a professional monitoring solution. And when you compare Uptrends against any other professional quality monitoring product on the market, you will find that Uptrends is substantially lower in price. And yet, you still have all of the powerful tools you need to test website speed and availability. Some of the features you will enjoy include:

  • No software to download. Account configuration takes only a few minutes
  • The most intuitive user interface in the market
  • Ability to monitor overall page load time or even load times for individual page elements
  • Learn how your users experience any multi-step scenarios such as logins or shopping cart processes and test all related back end infrastructure or 3rd party applications
  • No additional fees to use any or all of our dozens of global monitoring checkpoints
  • No additional fees for viewing screenshots of errors as they occur.
  • Monitoring done from your end user's perspective. You always know what your visitors experience.
  • Monitoring done with Internet Explorer, not an emulator
  • Tremendous array of user generated reports in a simple to interpret and easy to export format.
  • Monitor for a keyword to appear (or not appear) on any given page
  • Trace route and other diagnostic tools available when errors or lengthy page load times have occurred

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