Premier external monitoring web site tools for performance and uptime

Instant alerts from outside your infrastructure thanks to Uptrends' external monitoring web site tools

When you need to measure the performance of your websites, online transactions or hosted applications, you can rely on the external monitoring web site tools hosted by Uptrends. By utilizing dozens of global checkpoints across Europe, North and South America, Australia and Asia, Uptrends can tell you what your users are experiencing, regardless of their geographical distance from your servers.

Uptrends can measure your website's performance at two levels; by either measuring the load time of an entire page, or a more granular measurement of the connection, response and download time of each individual page element. And because the website speed tests from Uptrends are outside of your network, you can rest assured that you are monitoring the true performance of your site, just as your users are experiencing.

Instant alerts are core component of external monitoring web site tools

When you utilize Uptrends as your website performance monitor, you will control your account through our surprisingly simple to use web based control panel. Once inside the control panel, you will find that you have a number of options which can help you control your external monitoring web site service. And unlike other similar solutions, the simplicity of our user interface means you spend less time learning the tool and more time optimizing your site.

Via the control panel, you will be able to configure your account to generate SMS, email, IM and RSS alerts to you whenever your website fails to meet your user-defined page load times goals or whenever your website experiences downtime.

Through the browser-based control panel, you will also find it easy to configure

  • Unlimited number of operators and escalation levels
  • Maintenance periods to indicate when your site is off line
  • Monitoring at the page element level for the most granular external monitoring web site tool on the market
  • Specific types of reports sent to certain members of your team on a daily, weekly or monthly frequency
  • Custom settings that dictate when an alert is sent and to whom
  • Transaction monitoring to verify the success and performance of a multi-step scenario such as a shopping cart process or user registration. This allows testing of core infrastructure, not just a web page

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