External site monitor, Uptrends offers the most reliable on the market

When your website suffers from slow page load times, there are a number of consequences; click through rates are lower, average time spent on a page is lower, return visitor rates are drastically lower and e-commerce sites typically see a reduction in sales of roughly 70%! But when you have a reliable external site monitor running around the clock, you can be the first person to know when errors are occurring which are costing your business.

The external site monitor by Uptrends offers the most reliable service in the world to make sure you are the first to know when a problem arises. Using a network of dozens of checkpoints located in major cities on every continent, Uptrends reveals what your website visitors are experiencing inclusive of showing load time data recorded from varying distances from your server. As an Uptrends user, you will receive alerts by SMS, email, IM or even RSS feed anytime your website load times exceed your user defined goals.

And if you are looking for a more detailed external site monitor, take a look at our full page check tool which shows the load time and availability of very single page element, allowing you to pinpoint and repair performance bottlenecks more quickly.

Advanced external site monitor tools include:

  • Administer your account through the most intuitive user interface in the business
  • Customizable escalation levels for an infinite number of operators
  • Easy to configure SMS, email, RSS and IM alerts when site performance exceeds user defined goals
  • Unlike our competitors, we never charge additional fees for using any or all of our global monitoring checkpoints
  • We never charge a fee to access screen shots taken from the end user's perspective when errors have occurred
  • Independent third party for measuring performance against user defined SLA goals, including SLA reports
  • Highly configurable escalation levels and methods of receiving alerts
  • Monitoring of overall availability and alerts when your site goes down for any reason

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