Uptrends external site monitoring operates around the clock and outside of your network

External site monitoring runs from any location your end users reside

Uptrends monitors the performance and availability for thousands of customers around the world. With a monitoring network spread out over every continent, Uptrends provides you with page load time and availability data that has been measured from your end user's locations. You will see all of the variances caused by geographic differences between your site visitors.

And with the Uptrends control panel, users are able to specify which checkpoints they would like to utilize for each URL, online transaction or IP address they would like to monitor. And unlike other website monitoring services, Uptrends never charges additional fees for using additional checkpoints. There is nothing like the external site monitoring from Uptrends when it comes to features included for our low-cost flat-rate pricing.

By selecting checkpoints that closely match the locations of your website visitors, you will have an accurate and reliable external site monitoring service that shows you exactly what your end users are experiencing around the globe. And when you want the most granular external site monitoring tool on the market, you should consider our full page check tool. With this level of external site monitoring, you will always know the response, connection and download time of individual page elements on any given page as well. And when paired with an array of alerts tied to page element performance, you will always know how your website is performing, around the clock and around the world. There is no more accurate way to monitor the speed of your site's performance!

Avoid the loss in sales caused by website downtime and poor performance

When your website load time is slow or when pages are unavailable, you will find that click through rates on your site as well as the percentage of customers willing to return to your site in the future will suffer dramatic declines. More importantly, slow load times can often indicate a poorly performing database or other faltering infrastructure element that may be in need of maintenance or repair. And if your site relies on any third party elements, it is critical to know when these elements are performing poorly so that you may seek other methods for meeting your customer's needs while optimizing site performance.

External site monitoring from Uptrends alerts you in real time by SMS, IM, email and even RSS anytime your website experiences performance issues that may have a negative impact on your business. You can always be the first to know of issues when they first arise, allowing you to instantly solve these issues before they cripple your business.

Advanced external site monitoring features without the advanced price!

With Uptrends, you will be able to:

  • Monitor the availability and load time of scenarios such as an e-commerce shopping cart, a database login or other processes that allow you to test the infrastructure that powers your website.
  • Create custom escalation levels and an infinite number of operators
  • Generate or automate the sending of easy to read reports showing website performance for up to two years in the past
  • No fee for using additional monitoring stations when you use multiple global checkpoints.
  • No additional cost to view screen shots of errors that have occurred, all stored in your control panel
  • Verify the load time of individual page elements, with a wide number of options, making this the most flexible product of its type on the market

Sub title: External site monitoring from Uptrends-the summary

External site monitoring from Uptrends allows you to see exactly what your end users are seeing from around the world. And when load time or downtime issues occur, you are alerted instantly, allowing you to avoid the costs to your business that can result from performance issues. And with the Uptrends control panel, you can easily customize a tremendous number of settings as well as generate an infinite number of reports to help you optimize your site's performance.

And now, you can quickly find out why over 90% of Uptrends users trust us to be their external site monitoring tool of choice, courtesy of our 4 week free trial account. There is no credit card required and no obligation to buy anything. You have absolutely nothing to lose, so register your free trial account today!