External web site monitoring network measures end user experience

Uptrends has proven itself as one of the most trusted external web site monitoring solutions in the world. Over 90% of Uptrends users will renew their accounts each year. With thousands of users in 23 countries, uptrends has proven to be the choice for external web site monitoring around the world. And because we monitor website performance from dozens of countries around the world, you will have insight into the experience your website visitors have when they come to your site.

Uptrends will tell you the load time of your website in its entirety, or if you choose, Uptrends can tell you the response, connection and download time of every single element on any given page. When you are looking to accurately measure your site's performance and be alerted when issues arise, you owe it to yourself to at least evaluate what Uptrends has to offer.

And if you are like everyone else, getting the trial account will almost certainly convince you that this is the most advanced external web site monitoring tool in the world at a price point that can't be beat!

Beyond the basics: How external web site monitoring works

With Uptrends, you will receive instant alerts by SMS, email, RSS or even instant messenger any time your user defined page load time goals are exceeded or whenever your site has downtime. But that's not all! With Uptrends, you will have the most advanced features on the market, including:

  • The most intuitive user interface that makes it simple to diagnose issues
  • Ability to monitor multiple step scenarios like shopping carts, user registrations and more
  • Capable of monitoring every page element on any given URL for the ultimate ability to measure website speed
  • Easy to configure escalation levels, maintenance periods and other customization
  • Thousands of users agree: Uptrends offers the best report generating features in the industry
  • Free: View snapshots taken from end user point of view and trace route captured when your site has downtime or slow page load time
  • No additional fees for using any or all of our global monitoring checkpoints

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Why do thousands of organizations in dozens of countries trust Uptrends as the external web site monitoring tool of choice? Well, quite simply, it is because Uptrends offers a powerful combination of useful tools, accurate data, easy to use diagnostic tools, a clear ROI and a price point that can't be beat. Come see for yourself why over 90% of Uptrends users renew their accounts year over year by registering for a completely free 4 weeks evaluation of Uptrends website performance monitoring. Configuration takes less than a minute, there is no credit card required and no obligation of any kind. Register your free trial account now!