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Uptrends.com is a web-based monitoring service that allows users to check the status of any website every few minutes, around the clock. Uptrends will monitor the page load time and overall page availability on each visit every few minutes. And because Uptrends is visiting from checkpoints located around the globe, you will have insight into variances between user experience caused by their distance from your server.

When a site failure has been recorded, Uptrends will notify you instantly via SMS, email, instant messenger or RSS so that you can be the first to know when a problem exists. And with our trial account, you can get free online website monitoring for 4 weeks to put these and other features to the test.

Free online website monitoring trial includes transaction monitoring

In some cases, you may wish to use Uptrends to monitor a dummy transaction or scenario on your website. Uptrends can monitor every step of the scenario and can alert to when any of those steps fail. Uptrends offers an extremely simple to use transaction recorder which allows you to go through an entire website scenario just as if you were the user. The recorder will create a script and will upload it automatically to your Uptrends account, where we will carry out that scenario ever few minutes starting immediately. And when you use content match monitoring at the conclusion of your transaction, you can guarantee that your site visitors are getting the results and content you intended.

Monitor at the page element of any site with our free online Website monitoring trial account

With your free online Website monitoring trial account, you can even set up the monitoring of any given website at the page element level. This feature is called our Full Page Check probe and it is the most granular form of website monitoring available. With the full page check, you can see the load time of every script, image and element on your page. You can quickly pinpoint the cause of any performance issues, be they third party elements or your own. And you can even configure special alerts with the full page check probe that really make this a powerful tool. In short, the full page check makes sure you're the absolute first person to know when any element or page is fully functional. And this is included free of charge with our free online Website monitoring trial account.

Other advanced features include:

  • No additional fee to use additional global monitoring stations located in major cities around the world
  • No additional fees to view screenshots taken from the end-user's perspective when errors have been recorded
  • Configure multiple operators and even multiple escalation levels
  • The most simple to generate and interpret reporting tools in the industry

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