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You put a lot of work and energy into creating your websites, and the various infrastructure and that make it work flawlessly for site visitors. But what happens when one of your sites has downtime? Or when the load time becomes so excessive that you are losing users? If your business relies on your website to generate sales or leads, then you can't afford performance failures. This is where Uptrends proves it worth. You can use our free site monitoring service for 4 weeks.

Uptrends will visit your website every few minutes from major cities around the world and will record load time and availability of your site. Or if you wish, we can carry out a multiple step scenario to test website and database functionality. When a problem arises, Uptrends will notify instantly by e-mail, SMS, RSS or instant messenger. And with our easy to use control panel, you will be able to configure your account to personalize escalation levels, any number of your administrators to receive specific alerts from any specific scenario, and much more.

Why will you be so impressed with our free site monitoring trial account?

  • Most intuitive user interface in the industry; no lengthy learning curve or training required
  • No software to install
  • Use our availability monitoring tools to verify any multi-step scenario or transaction
  • Access to our entire global network comprised of dozens of checkpoints in major cities across North America, Europe, South America, Africa and Asia
  • Even if you register into a paid account, we never charge additional fees to use additional monitoring checkpoints
  • Receive email reports on uptime percentages and other statistics on a daily basis.
  • Wide variety of reports on page uptime, load time and more, going back as far as two years!
  • Free diagnostic tools includes ability to view screenshots of past errors so you see what your site visitors see.
  • Ability to monitor any given web page for a specific keyword or its absence
  • Customize your alert settings and what events cause an alert to be generated

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