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Free trial monitor website service is the marriage of function, ease of use and affordability

With most software, the more advanced your features become, the more intricate and difficult the product is to use. At Uptrends, we have focused a significant amount of effort into designing our website monitoring tools to meet this challenge. We have included all of the advanced features you need under an easy to use control panel, including informative and useful daily status updates and easy to interpret reports.

Free trial monitor website service delivers results

When you use the Uptrends free trial monitor website tools, you will have a global network of checkpoints verifying your page load time and overall availability, around the clock. When your website has a problem of any kind, you will receive and instant alert by SMS, email, RSS, IM and even windows sidebar gadget. And because the checkpoints are outside your firewall, geographically dispersed and on separate hosting providers, you can rest assured that the data we record exactly reflects what your end users are seeing when they visit or use your online properties. And these are just the basic features that come with the free trial monitor website from Uptrends.

More advanced features that come with the 4-week free trial monitor website

By logging into our extremely intuitive control panel, you will have access to additional diagnostic tools, customization options and reports. When you register your 4 week free trial to monitor your website, you won't find any confusing options, hidden menus or mystifying reports. Instead, you will find that things are laid out in an intuitive fashion that makes the learning curve of the system almost non-existent.

With your control panel, you will be able to:

  • Personalize which of our dozens of global checkpoints are used and in which order
  • Automated status reports emailed daily, weekly or monthly to any operator you configure
  • Add an infinite number of operators with varying escalation levels for different websites or services being monitoring
  • Generate reports comparing the recorded performance data against user-defined SLA objectives.
  • Access free screenshots of errors recorded along with trace route info captured at the time.
  • Use the full page check probe to monitor performance of individual page elements and receive customized alerts based on them
  • Monitor every step of a multi-step transaction on your website for performance and availability. Verify shopping carts processes, mail server logins or other multi-step scenario
  • Generate an infinite number of user-defined, easily exportable reports with recorded data going back as far as two years
  • Monitor for keywords to appear on any given URL

Why register with Uptrends for your 4 week free trial to monitor your website?

Quite simply, Uptrends offers premium features that are usually seen in products two to three times the cost. To manage these advanced features, Uptrends has one of the most simple to use control panel's in the business. Advanced features, low price and ease of use. This is why Uptrends has thousands of customers across 23 countries and enjoys a renewal rate of over 90%. Get your completely free 4 week trial. Get your free trial monitor website account now!