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As one of the global leaders in website monitoring, is proud to offer its services free of charge for users who have mission critical website, online transactions or servers whose uptime is paramount. Receive instant alerts by email, SMS, RSS and IM anytime your important web properties experience downtime. Manage your account with an extremely easy to use control panel that allows you to easily configure your account settings, set maintenance periods, add, remove and edit your probes, unlimited management of operators, customize alert escalation levels and use the Uptrends Transaction recorder to monitor online transactions or scenarios.

Believe it or not, registering and doing basic configuration of your free trial account will take less than a minute. For the next 4 weeks, you have full access to all of our product features. You will quickly see why Uptrends enjoys a renewal rate of over 90% from thousands of companies in 23 countries. What are you waiting for? Register your free trial account today!

Want to know more about the advanced features included in this free website monitor trial?

Here are just some of the other features included when you register your free website monitor trial account:

  • Easy to get started: no software to install
  • The most intuitive and simple to use control panel in the industry
  • Monitor multi-step scenarios such as logins, registrations and e-commerce shopping carts
  • Free access to our entire global network of dozens of global checkpoints.
  • Monitor performance and availability of all page elements on any given site with our full page check probe
  • Personalize your own alert escalations, unlimited number of operators, user-defined exportable reports and easily add/edit of additional probes
  • Real time alerts via SMS, email, RSS and instant messenger when an outage occurs
  • Daily summary emails with graphs and data that are simple to read and useful!
  • When an error occurs, you can view screen shots of the error to see what your users see

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