Free website monitoring service available thanks to 4 week trial

Trial account users get free website monitoring service packed with premier features

There are dozens of f free website monitoring tools on the market from which you can choose. Most of them are installed and monitor from only a single location instead of monitoring the load time and availability of your site and page elements as experienced by your users. When you have a website, server or transaction whose availability and performance are critical to your success, maybe you should consider paying a small price if it's going to provide true value.

If price concerns are choosing you to select a monitoring service based too much on price and not enough on features, we have you covered. Uptrends provides the most advanced product on the market at a price point that makes it one of the lowest cost products in the industry. For starters, let's take a look at the array of features that you can access after you register your free website monitoring account:

  • Customize operators with various escalation levels and alert definitions
  • Set custom SLA goals and compare against real world results
  • Designate maintenance periods when you know your sites and servers are down
  • Access a wide array of user-defined reports; all easy to export in a variety of formats
  • Monitor any website at the page element level to locate performance bottlenecks
  • Use our entire global monitoring network at no additional cost
  • Monitor multi-step transactions or scenarios on your website such as shopping cart processes, user registrations or webmail logins.
  • View screen shots of errors that have occurred, taken from the end user perspective
  • View trace route information for every error encountered
  • Set up monitoring for a specific keyword to appear on your site
  • Customize settings for SMS, email, IM and RSS alerts

Using dozens of checkpoints located around the globe, Uptrends provides you detailed information regarding the page load times and availability of your website just as different users around the world are experiencing. There is no free website monitoring service on the market that can provide anything remotely similar to what you will get from Uptrends. And now, you can access this entire suite of tools and receive free website monitoring service thanks to our fully featured four week trial account. There is no obligation to buy, no software to download and no credit card required. Sign up today. You will quickly learn why over 90% of Uptrends users renew their accounts year over year!