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When your website's performance is critical to the success of your company, you should be open to the concept that a small cost will enable you to get a tool that comes with enough advanced features that you can use it to increase sales or click through rates on your site! By helping you pinpoint performance bottlenecks that are affecting your click through rate and conversion rate of your site, we can help you increase the sales or other business goals of your site.

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What does Uptrends do?

With Uptrends, you can be assured that your websites, and multi-step transactions are working perfectly around the clock. We visit your sites every few minutes from one of our global monitoring checkpoints. In the event of a failure or outage of your site, you will receive an instant alert by email, SMS, RSS or IM. Additionally, you will have access to an array of diagnostic tools to help you quickly locate and repair performance issue. In short, you will always be the first to know when your website is down or is having performance issues and you will have the diagnostic tools to help you locate the cause of performance issues.

Features included:

  • Ability to track every step of a multi-step transaction such as a shopping cart process, log in process
  • The most intuitive user interface in the industry with almost zero learning curve
  • Ability to monitor the performance and availability of individual page elements on any given site to really pinpoint performance bottlenecks
  • Ease of account setup: you can have monitoring started for free in under a minute
  • We monitor and report from the end user's perspective. Gain insight into your site visitor's experience
  • Have full access to our global network of dozens of checkpoints at no extra charge
  • Receive real time alerts via SMS, email, RSS and instant messenger when failures occur
  • Automatic double verification of errors means you never get a false alarm
  • Easy to generate and interpret reports can be exported via PDF, email, Excel and more
  • Free access to screenshots of every error recorded to allow for easy diagnosis of issues
  • Email alerts sent when errors are recorded include full trace route information

Free website monitoring software can help you meet business objectives

Studies are everywhere that link page load time and downtime issues to negative consequences. For example, poor sight performance results in lowered brand reputation, lost productivity and of course, in lost sales. This is why you owe it to yourself to see why just a small investment in one of the most powerful monitoring tools on the market can make a dramatic impact to your business.

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