Free website monitoring tool allows you to increase website conversion rates

Why did 1000's of customers trust the free website monitoring tool enough to upgrade it?

Yes, there are a lot of times when a free product can do the vast majority of functions of a similar paid version. But when you are looking for a free website monitoring tool, keep in mind that you usually get what you pay for. Almost any free website monitoring tool is going to be missing the advanced functions that will enable you to dramatically impact your website. For example, Uptrends can actually show help you isolate which page elements on which areas of your site are causing performance issues, and therefore decreasing click through and conversion rates on your site. No other free website monitoring tool can do this.

And there is no free website monitoring tool that will go through an entire e-commerce transaction or multi-step login process every few minutes and monitor load time, availability and content along the way. For the most advanced features possible that will enable you to actually impact your company's bottom line, you need to look past most free website monitoring tools and look at the overall best solution for the cost.

What does Uptrends do?

With your free website monitoring tool from Uptrends, you can be assured that your websites, servers and transactions are available and performing as intended. In the event of a failure or outage of your site, you will receive an instant alert by email, SMS, RSS or IM. Additionally, you will have access to an array of diagnostic tools to help you quickly locate and repair performance issue

Features included:

  • Monitor multi-step transactions or scenario such shopping cart processes or user registrations
  • Monitor and be alerted for the presence or absence of page content (text matching)
  • Monitor page load times and performance
  • Control panel requires almost zero learning curve while still being feature rich
  • Registration takes less than a minute and begins monitoring instantly.
  • Monitor performance and availability of individual page elements
  • Monitoring from the end user's perspective so you know exactly what your end users experience
  • Never a fee for using our entire global network of checkpoints
  • In the event of an error, get real time alerts via SMS, email, RSS and instant messenger
  • Infinite array of configurable reports which are easily exported via PDF, email, Excel and more
  • Free access to screenshots of every error recorded to allow for easy diagnosis of issues
  • Email notifications include full trace route information to pinpoint cause of downtime

Fully packed with features, this is the best free website monitoring tool you will find

Uptrends is unmatched when it comes to the combination of ease of use, powerful tools and affordable pricing. To back up this claim, Uptrends is proud to offer a fully featured four week trial. You will see how Uptrends can help you drastically increase sales and conversions on your site by highlighting performance issues that are costing you site visitors. At conclusion free website monitoring tool trial period, we believe it will be quite clear why over 90% of Uptrends customers renew their subscriptions year over year! Sign up for your free trial account now!