Free website Monitoring tools

All advanced features come included in free website monitoring tools

Uptrends can easily help you increase click through rates, sales and more, making it clear why this is the most powerful product of its kind. And although the trial account is the only part that's totally free, the price point for the registered version easily fits inside any budget. To prove its value, we encourage you to register for a trial account good for 4 weeks. Get your free website monitoring tools registered now and you will have access to all of the features that paid users access. For example:

  • Monitor multi-step transactions or scenario. Set up your own with our advanced transaction recorder
  • Extremely intuitive control panel offers the best user interface in the industry
  • Easily customize escalation levels, auto generated email reports and unlimited operators with customized alert settings
  • Get alerted anytime website performance suddenly slows or when pages have downtime.
  • Alerts can be configured via SMS, email, IM, RSS or even windows sidebar gadget
  • With double verification of all errors, you are guaranteed not to get any false alerts
  • We are a trusted 3rd party to ensure SLA verification for your site's uptime percentage
  • We have a constantly growing, stable network of global checkpoints across dozens of countries across every continent.
  • Stay on top of your site's status with automated daily summary emails
  • Free access to screenshots of every error recorded to allow for easy diagnosis of issues
  • Email reports of every error include full trace route information

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