Uptrends offers premier global site monitoring service without the premier price

Global site monitoring sends you email and SMS alerts when site failures occur

Uptrends is a global site monitoring service that checks your website, servers and online transactions at regular intervals and notifies you via email, SMS, RSS and IM if it becomes unavailable or when user-defined page load time goals have been exceeded. You will have a litany of diagnostic tools to help you pinpoint the cause of the performance issues so you can minimize downtime and site failures.

How does the global site monitoring from Uptrends work?

Uptrends has dozens of checkpoints located in major cities on almost every continent which will visit your website, server or transactions at specific intervals (5 or 10 minutes are typical) to verify you're your sites and servers are performing properly. Users can personalize which checkpoints are used and in what order as well as customize the time interval between checkpoints as well.

We can verify that your site is properly loading, check that specific text does or does not appear, measure the load time of the page or even measure the load time of each individual page element. There are a tremendous number of alert conditions you can configure that determine what events, file size downloads and other events that will trigger Uptrends to send you and alert by SMS, RSS, email or IM. And because we always double verify errors.

What makes the global site monitoring service from Uptrends different than the rest?

Here are several reasons Uptrends is the obvious choice for global site monitoring:

  • Nothing to download, takes only 60 seconds to register and configure
  • The most simple to learn user interface in the industry
  • We visit your website and measure load time and other data just as end users see it
  • We have a constantly growing network of dozens of checkpoints in major cities around the globe
  • Configure alert escalations, unlimited number of operators, an infinite number of user-defined reports and more with your web based control panel
  • In the event of a site outage, get real time alerts via SMS, email, RSS and instant messenger
  • Stay on top of your site's status with daily summary emails
  • Unlimited free screen shots taken from the end user's point of view taken when errors occur

Uptrends has thousands of users in 23 countries around the world. And now, you can find out what thousands of customers around the world already know: Uptrends offers the most feature-rich global website monitoring tool available at a price that can't be beat. Come see for yourself using the free 4-week trial of our premier global site monitoring service.