Uptrends provides independent site monitoring from global monitoring stations

Independent site monitoring enables website optimization at a new level

Over the last decade, businesses around the world rely on their websites more and more for their success. This is why efforts to optimize your website are likely important to you. And this is why it is so important to have an independent site monitoring solution that can tell you when downtime occurs or when page load time issues are causing you to lose customers, site visitors, revenue or leads that your site is responsible for generating.

Uptrends offers an independent site monitoring which allows you to verify that your website is optimized for speed and availability on an ongoing basis. No matter what changes happen over time: you make changes on your site, something happens at your hosting provider level or changes made by third party page elements, you will always know exactly what your users are experiencing from anywhere in the world and you will have the instant notification allowing you to make repairs instantly and prevent detrimental affects to your business.

How does the independent site monitoring from Uptrends work?

With Uptrends, you will have a global network comprised of dozens of checkpoints located in major cities all around the world. Every few minutes, one of these checkpoints will visit your website and verify the site's availability and speed. When your site experiences an outage or page load time that exceeds your user-defined goals, you will receive and alert by email, SMS, IM or even RSS feed. Additionally, Uptrends will provide you with a number of diagnostic tools to pinpoint the cause of errors that causing your site's issues.

If you would like to see why thousands of companies in 23 different countries rely on the independent site monitoring from Uptrends for their website monitoring needs, we encourage you to register a free trial account. You will have unlimited usage of every bell and whistle for 4 weeks. There is no obligation to buy anything and no credit card is required. So, why delay? Register your free trial account now!