Uptrends offers top of class internet site monitoring at lowest price in the industry

Internet site monitoring from Uptrends is packed with features

When your site has downtime or when page load times are perceived as slow, your website visitors typically will resort to leaving your site to find an alternative. This results in a loss in revenue, sales leads as well as brand reputation that your organization works so hard to build. Rarely do many website administrators think about the financial cost of their website having downtime or slow load time, but here at Uptrends, it is our passion.

With internet site monitoring from Uptrends, you will have a global network comprised of dozens of checkpoints located in major cities all around the world. Every five minutes, one of these checkpoints will visit your website and verify the site's availability and speed. When your site experiences an outage or page load time that exceeds your user-defined goals, you will receive and alert by email, SMS, IM or even RSS feed. Additionally, Uptrends will provide you with a number of diagnostic tools to pinpoint the cause of errors that causing your site's issues.

Why is Uptrends the obvious choice for internet site monitoring?

  • No software to install and virtually no learning curve. It is extremely simple to use!
  • With dozens of checkpoints on different hosting providers, data we record is always accurate
  • Be the first to know when your site has failures with our real time alerts sent via SMS, email, RSS and IM.
  • Monitor each step of an online transaction or scenario such as a shopping cart, user registration or server log in.
  • Unlimited use of the entire global network of monitoring stations with no fees for using additional checkpoints
  • Highly detailed and easy to read online & email reports display uptime, errors and page load time data
  • Pinpoint the cause of load time issues with our full page check probe which verifies load time for every chart, script, image or element on the page. Easily the best way to pinpoint performance bottlenecks on your site and quickly increase website conversions
  • Easily personalize escalation levels, set up multiple operators and access a wide array of customizable settings in our web based control panel

Uptrends backs its internet site monitoring with global support staff

With offices located in Europe and the U.S., you receive personal customer support almost around the clock. We encourage you to register for a completely free 4 week trial account with Uptrends. You will quickly learn why thousands of customers in 23 countries trust Uptrends as their internet site monitoring tool of choice. There is no credit card required and no obligation to buy anything. Sign up for your free 4 week trial and put the premier name in website monitoring to work!