Keyword matching monitor from Uptrends keeps an eye on your site when you can't

Uptrends keyword matching monitor sends instant alerts when problems arise

Uptrends provides state of the art website monitoring tools that work around the clock to verify that your website is working as intended. With Uptrends, you will know exactly what your users are experiencing from any location where they may reside. When your website load time exceeds your user-defined goals, or when the page fails to load specific keywords that you configure in the control panel, you will receive an instant alert by SMS, email, IM and even RSS feed. When a change occurs at your hosting provider, at the providers of third party apps or anything else that influences websites performance, Uptrends will serve as the most reliable way to measure your website's performance and alert you to take immediate action when needed. And this is just the beginning of the features included in your keyword matching monitor from Uptrends

Sub title: Do not underestimate the importance of the Uptrends keyword matching monitor

When your site fails to load, fails to load all content or simply has page load time that is too slow, your business suffers. Affects range from a loss in sales, lost leads and a loss in brand reputation. If you want to increase your site's conversion rates, you can trust the keyword matching monitor to be on the job, around the clock.

Uptrends will keep you informed as to the exact experience your users are seeing from locations around the globe.

Other features included with the Uptrends keyword matching monitor

  • is an entirely hosted solution, so there is no software to download
  • Registering and configuring an account is free and takes less than a minute
  • Easy to customize escalation levels and user-defined load time
  • Receive alerts when specific keywords do or do not appear on your site
  • Verify multiple step scenarios to test back end infrastructure components on e-commerce transactions, user registrations and more
  • Double verification of errors from a secondary checkpoint avoids false alarms
  • No fee for using every one of our global monitoring checkpoints
  • Easy to generate reports showing historical data and issues going back as far as two years
  • Use the full page check probe to verify the success of every individual page element

The most trusted keyword matching monitor solution available

90% of Uptrends users renew their accounts year over year for a reason! We invite you to see for yourself why these thousands of companies in 23 countries rely on Uptrends to monitor their website's availability and performance by registering for your free trial account today. There is no credit card required and no obligation to buy. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Get your free account now!