Live web site monitoring with real time alerts keeps you informed of site performance

Uptrends' live web site monitoring includes diagnostic tools and more

Are you testing your website speed from your own computer or anywhere inside your network infrastructure? If so, then this only tells you how your website performs when the site visitor is sitting at your desk! When you need accurate live web site monitoring done from your end user's locations, you can trust Uptrends to be up to the task, around the clock.

With a global network of checkpoints in dozens of locations around the world, Uptrends will visit your site every few minutes and verify that your web site is loading properly and within a user-defined load time. When your site fails to perform, you will receive an instant alert by SMS, email, RSS, MSN instant messenger and even Windows Sidebar gadget. And when you combine the alerts with the powerful diagnostic tools in the Uptrends control panel, you will have everything you need to isolate and solve issues before the do serious damage to your website's ability to generate sales, leads and registrations. .

Live web site monitoring includes array of advanced features

When you utilize Uptrends as your live web site monitoring tool of choice, you will quickly find that we have included a handful of extremely powerful tools to help you pinpoint performance issues and resolve them. Features of Uptrend live web site monitoring include:

  • Dozens of checkpoints geographically dispersed around the globe to accurately measure web site performance and availability as experienced by your users.
  • Instant notification by SMS, email, RSS or MSN instant messenger when problems arise
  • Verify availability of multi-step processes such as ecommerce processes, new user registrations or log in procedures
  • Full page check verifies performance bottlenecks at the page element level
  • By far the easiest to configure and use control panel in the industry.
  • Reports showing site uptime and performance are available using an infinite number of user-defined criteria. Reports are easy to read and can be exported with a single mouse click.
  • When your site has downtime, you can view free screen shots taken from the end user perspective.
  • Easily define multiple escalation levels and scheduled maintenance periods for a higher degree of configurability.

We invite you to come see why thousands of companies in 23 countries rely on live web site monitoring from Uptrends. If your website plays a critical role in your business, then you need a professional monitoring tool to ensure that your business remains working around the clock. And now, you can put this powerful set of tools to work absolutely free! We invite you to sign up for a completely free 4-week trial account. There is no credit card required and no obligation to buy. So what are you waiting for? Register your account today!