Live website monitoring from Uptrends includes instant alerts when sites fail

Live website monitoring test availability, performance and functionality around the clock

Web site monitoring from Uptrends will monitor websites and online transactions from a global network of dozens of checkpoints located in major cities around the world. With live website monitoring, you will receive instant alerts when your website doesn't load properly or when unacceptable page load times occur.

And when errors occur, you will be alerted in real time by SMS, email, IM and RSS. This is just the core of our live website monitoring service. What will really impress you is the low cost, the ease of use and the wide array of diagnostic tools which will help you optimize your site quickly and efficiently.

Advanced tools make this more than just a basic live website monitoring service

With your Uptrends live website monitoring service, you will have access to a number of other features through our web-based control panel:

  • Configure monitoring of a site at the page element level to pinpoint performance bottlenecks
  • Monitor availability, performance and functionality of each step of a multi-step scenario such as shopping carts, registrations and log-ins.
  • Configure the use of any of our global monitoring checkpoints. Full network available free of charge
  • Generate reports going back as far as two years. See what errors occur when, and from where
  • View screenshots taken from the end user perspective when errors occurred
  • Access trace route information recorded anytime downtime occurs

Free live website monitoring account available now

If you would like to see why thousands of companies around the world trust the live website monitoring from Uptrends, we encourage you to register for a free 4 week trial. You will have access to all of our advanced features and have no obligation to buy. In fact, registering and configuring an account to start monitoring can be done in under 60 seconds and requires no credit card to get started. There is nothing to lose, but potentially a higher website conversion rate to gain! So what are you waiting for? Get your free trial account now!