Monitor website load time with the premier monitoring tools from Uptrends

Why is page load time important?

When you have a website that is critical to the success of your business, page load time is not something you can trivialize. Statistical evidence has shown that website visitors are increasingly less tolerant of a website that has excessive page load time. Evidence suggests that the average website visitor will wait an average of only 2 seconds before reaching for the ‘back’ button to try a competing but relevantly similar alternative! 
And if that weren’t enough reason to be concerned, then take into account that your rankings on popular search engines can also be affected by page load time. Free 4 week trial. Signup now.

If you rely on your website to generate new users, new customers or sales revenue, then you owe it yourself to rely on an externally hosted website monitoring tool which can verify your page load time and alert you instantly whenever your user-defined goals have been exceeded.

What does Uptrends do when they monitor page load time?

Uptrends can monitor your website from a network of dozens of checkpoints all around the world, ensuring that you know what your page load time is from any location where your website visitors may reside. 
Uptrends will monitor the load time of your website from the end-user perspective. This means that we will monitor the load time of your site just as your visitors, users and customers will experience it.
Uptrends can also monitor each element of your HTML page. This way you can easily optimize the load time of your website. You will see exactly which element will slow down your site in our detailed waterfall report.
Uptrends can send you an SMS/text message, email or an Instant message whenever your website is having performance issues.
And remember, page load time is not just important for your website home page! If your site has multi-step processes such as e-commerce transactions or new user registrations, you will need to monitor each step of these transactions as well. 

What advanced features does Uptrends provide?

When you trust Uptrends to monitor page load time, you will have:

  • Notification by SMS, RSS, email or even IM when a site exceeds performance limits
  • Unlimited access to our global monitoring network located in dozens of major cities
  • Optional account type allows you to monitor load time of individual page elements
  • A user friendly an easy to use web based control panel
  • A wide array of user-defined reports showing web page load times, uptime percentages, error reports and more

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