Monitor a site with Uptrends and receive instant alerts around the clock

Account includes numerous diagnostic tools when you monitor a site with Uptrends

Uptrends, a leading global provider of web site monitoring services, is designed to ensure that your website and online transactions are always available and working as intended. Uptrends is a highly flexible, simple to use tool that allows you to monitor a site for uptime, page load time and even keyword content matches. Our worldwide checkpoints will show you quantifiable data recorded from locations where it matters: the site visitor's location! And whenever your site has downtime or when page load time exceeds your user defined goals, you will receive an instant alert by SMS, email, RSS and even IM.

And through the web-based control panel, you have a number of tools at your disposal when you monitor a site with Uptrends. You can view trace route information recorded when your site had downtime. You can monitor a website at the page element level to locate performance bottlenecks that are eroding your website conversion statistics and you can access reports that show trends in downtime and performance issues of your site over various locations, going back as far as two years.

Not only do we monitor a site, we also can monitor transactions too

Uptrends is more than a simple tool to monitor a site home page, but it is also a great tool to verify the full functionality of your site. By configuring our transaction monitor, you we can mimic a multi-step scenario on your site and show you load time and availability issues that occur throughout the process. This is a must-have service for e-commerce companies or any site that registers users or relies on any sort of back end database or third party elements.

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Thousands of companies around the world rely on Uptrends to monitor a site or online transaction. And we invite you to see why over 90% of them renew their accounts year after year by taking advantage of our fully featured 4 week trial account. There is no credit card required and no obligation to buy anything. So, why delay? Get your free trial account now!