Monitor a web site with Uptrends. Trusted by thousands of companies globally

Uptrends allows you to monitor a web site from the end user perspective

Uptrends, a leading global provider of web site monitoring services, it is designed to ensure that your websites and online transactions are available and performing around the clock. This is a hosted solution which requires no installation and minimal configuration. With its simple to use interface, you will be able to monitor a web site where it counts most, from the point of view of your website visitors.

Uptrends will visit your website or carry out multi-step scenarios on your site every few minutes, 24 hours a day. We verify the availability of the site or transaction steps as well as measure page load time. And because geographical distance from your servers impacts performance of your site, we utilize a network of global checkpoints so you are able to verify availability and performance from any location where your website visitors may reside.

Instant alerts in real time when you monitor a web site with Uptrends

When your web site or online transactions experience downtime or when excessive page load time issues occur which can cause you to lose site visitors, Uptrends will instantly notify you via SMS, email, MSN instant messenger, RSS feed and even the windows side bar gadget. When your website is experiencing issues that are causing you to lose visitors, click through rates and e-commerce sales, you can rely on Uptrends, the most trusted method to monitor a web site, from anywhere on earth.

The most simple way to monitor a web site. No learning curve and no confusing data.

Because this is a hosted solution, there is nothing to install and getting started is a snap! Simply register a free trial account and provide the URL that you would like to monitor and Uptrends will begin monitoring instantly. You can easily add your mobile phone number to receive alerts when downtime or page load time issues arise and configuring multiple operators and escalation levels couldn't be easier. And speaking of easy, the user generated reports from Uptrends are simple enough to be interpreted by eye the most non-technical of users, while still providing the information you need to quickly pinpoint the cause of performance and availability issues. Quite simple, there is no easier way to monitor a web site than Uptrends.

Monitor a web site with Uptrends today for free!

You can use Uptrends to monitor a web site right now, absolutely free of charge. Simply register for a free trial account and Uptrends will be working for you in the next 60 seconds. Uptrends is trusted by thousands of companies in 23 countries around the world. Find out why over 90% of these customers renew their accounts year after year by giving it a try for yourself. There is no credit card required and no obligation to buy anything. You have nothing to lose, so get your free account today!