Uptrends allows you to monitor internet site performance using a global network of checkpoints

Monitor internet site URLs, transactions and more from the user perspective

The global network of Uptrends checkpoints can monitor internet site availability and performance 24 hours a day 7 days a week. When your website experiences downtime or excessive page load times, you'll receive an instant alert via e-mail, SMS, RSS or IM. To manage your account, Uptrends provides a powerful control panel which ensures you have the utmost flexibility in how you set up your account with the minimal amount of learning curve and no required technical expertise to interpret results.

When configuring your account, you can configure multiple operators and escalation levels, assign specific alerts to specific teams or individuals on your staff and easily add, remove and edit existing URL's being monitored. And with the Uptrends Transaction Recorder, you'll have the easiest tool on the market to record an online transaction and have each step monitored to ensure your website's availability and performance.

And because all monitoring is carried out from our global network of monitoring stations, the page load time and availability data is a perfect representation of what your website visitors are experiencing. There is no more accurate way to monitor internet site performance from the end user's perspective.

Why use Uptrends to monitor internet site availability and performance?

  • The most powerful, yet easy to use control panel in the industry
  • Access to a wide array of user generated reports that are easy to create and even easier to interpret.
  • We monitor what your visitors see so you'll know exactly what the user experience is on your site
  • We double verify all errors from a separate checkpoint so you never receive a false alert
  • The easiest transaction recorder in the industry makes it a snap to record an online transaction or scenario to mimic your user's behavior and monitor every step along the way
  • View screenshots of every error detected along with traceroute information and detailed error logs to help you diagnose issues; all available free of charge
  • Easily the most affordable tool on the market for comparable product features

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We invite you to see for yourself why thousands of companies in 23 countries trust Uptrends to monitor internet site performance and availability. Registering an account and setting up basic configuration takes less than 60 seconds. And in no time, you will understand why over 90% of Uptrends users renew their accounts year after year. There is no credit card required and no obligation to buy anything. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so come register your free account today!