Monitor internet sites and transactions from anywhere on earth

Hosted service to monitor internet sites. Affordable, reliable and indispensable.

Uptrends is designed to be the easiest to use service on the market to monitor internet sites and online scenarios while also providing a tremendous array of features that quickly pinpoint the cause of performance and uptime issues. Our worldwide checkpoints will monitor your web site, transactions or servers around the clock throughout the year. And because it operates on a 24/7 basis, Uptrends can immediately alert you if your web site or one of your servers fails.

Simple to configure service to monitor internet sites works in less than 60 seconds

The Uptrends services can be configured to monitor internet sites in less time than it will take you to read this webpage! There is no software to install and no lengthy learning curve. Simply supply your name, email address and the URL you wish to monitor and Uptrends gets to work instantly!

And once you log into our web-based control panel, you will find that there are a tremendous number of options that make Uptrends the most powerful tools available to monitor internet sites from locations around the globe!

Advanced features available help you monitor internet sites and quickly pinpoint issues

  • Tremendous array of user generated online reports in an easy to read format
  • We monitor exactly what your site visitors see. You can easily quantify their experience
  • Unlike our competitors, we do not charge extra for using our full global network of checkpoints.
  • Full flexibility with user defined alert settings, escalation levels, operators, data extraction, maintenance periods and more
  • We double verify all errors before alerting you to insure you never receive a false alarm.
  • Configure the monitoring of multi-step scenarios such as shopping carts, user registrations and log in procedures
  • Monitor the performance and load time of every page element on any given URL when you need to monitor internet sites at their most granular level
  • Access a screenshot of every error detected along with traceroute information and detailed error logs to help you diagnose issues
  • Automate SLA reports to show actual performance compared to your SLA goals

When you evaluate all of the possible options you have on the market for a tool with this level of complexity of features and simplicity of design, you will find that there is nothing even close to Uptrends in terms of price. This is why thousands of companies in 23 countries rely on Uptrends as the their tool of choice to monitor internet sites and online transactions. And we encourage you to come see for yourself why Uptrends is their tool of choice by registering for your own account, absolutely free charge for the next 4 weeks. There is no obligation to buy and no credit card is required. So why delay? Come get your free trial account now and see why over 90% of Uptrends users renew their accounts year after year!