Monitor internet website availability 24x7 with Uptrends

Premier tools monitor internet website performance while remaining simple to use

To monitor internet website performance and availability 24x7, you can trust the global monitoring network from Uptrends. With monitoring checkpoints located in major cities around the globe, Uptrends will allow you to see the page load time and availability of your site just as your site visitors are experiencing it, regardless of where they live. And with instant alerts by SMS, email, RSS feed, MSN instant messenger and Windows sidebar gadget, you will be the first to know when issues arise with your site.

When you use Uptrends to monitor internet website performance, you will also have a tremendous number of advanced features traditionally only reserved for services 3 to 4 times the cost, all of which are configured with the easiest to use interface in the industry. Test it for yourself for free with our 4-week free trial account!

Manage your ability to monitor internet website performance with these advanced features

  • Configure multiple operators and escalation levels
  • Free access to the entire global monitoring network
  • Free access to screenshots taken from the end-users point of view when downtime occurs
  • Double verification of all errors so you never get a false alert
  • Easily monitor multiple step scenarios such as e-commerce transactions, database logins or new user registrations
  • Monitor the performance and availability of individual page elements on any page with our full page check
  • An infinite number of user-generated and easy to read reports
  • View traceroute information recorded each time downtime occurs to pinpoint errors
  • Keyword match against content on your site to verify that the page loads correctly

Monitor internet website free of charge for 4 weeks

We invite you to compare Uptrends to every other product on the market so you can see for yourself why thousands of companies around the world trust Uptrends to monitor internet website performance and availability. Uptrends offers reliable services, a wide array of powerful diagnostic tools and a simple to use interface all under a low cost pricing plan that fits any budget. Come see for yourself why Uptrends enjoys a renewal rate over 90% by taking advantage of our fully featured, completely free, 4-week trial. Registration and configuration takes less than 60 seconds and requires no credit card or obligation to buy. You have nothing to lose, so register your free account today!