Monitor the uptime of your server

Our server monitor service goes well beyond a simple 'ping' to check the availability of your server. You can monitor different server protocols including http, https, connect, ping, SMTP, POP3, FTP, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Webservice http, webservice https, DNS and more.. The advanced tools from Uptrends allow you to check server availability, DNS name to IP matching, page load times and so much more. We utilize dozens of carrier-class data centers located in major cities around the world to ensure that we collect data from as many sampling points as possible, all to ensure that you receive the most accurate website monitoring service on the market.

When an error is detected on one of your websites, servers or online transactions, you'll be the first to know, thanks to the instant alerts generated by SMS, email, RSS and even instant messenger!

Why choose Uptrends to monitor server uptime?

In head to head comparisons, users overwhelmingly select Uptrends to monitor server uptime based on three major components; features, usefulness and price.

Features: You'll find that there is no product on the market that carries more advanced features than Uptrends. With Uptrends, you'll have a host of diagnostic tools to help you track down and repair issues as they arise. You'll have detailed statistics that can be configured in an infinite number of user-generated reports to help you manage your web properties, stay on top of issues and trends and drill down into the page element level to help you optimize your site's performance.

Usefulness: But what good is it to have this huge array of tools if you can't figure out how to use them? One of the primary reasons most users select Uptrends to monitor server uptime is the usefulness of the system itself. You'll have access to a highly intuitive web based control panel that allows you to easily access diagnostic tools, personalize automatic reports to any number of staff members in your organization, easily add or remove services or sites you're monitoring and much more. Not only do you get the best product on the market, you'll get it all wrapped under the best UI in the industry.

Price: You can find other solutions that have similar features as Uptrends. But even if you're willing to put up with their user interface and complexity, you'll quickly find that they charge two to three times the price! Many competitors charge you additionally for every global checkpoint you utilize, for accessing screenshots of errors that were recorded or for SMS messaging. Uptrends won't charge you for any of these features. In fact, Uptrends doesn't believe in any of the 'nickel and diming' that most companies in this industry incorporate into their pricing. Do a little comparison shopping and you'll see; when you want a premier tool without the premier price tag, Uptrends is the obvious answer.

Get started for free! Start to monitor server uptime.

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