Monitor site availability and load time from around the globe

Instant alerts when errors occur. Monitor site for keyword content. Verify load time and more!

When you use Uptrends to monitor site performance and uptime, you will have the power of a global network of monitoring stations verifying your site's uptime, availability and content around the clock. When an error occurs on your site, you will receive an instant alert by SMS, email, RSS and instant messenger so you can be the first to know when issues arise. This allows you to be the first to know when there are problems so you can repair issues before they cripple your ability to generate sales, leads, users and other business critical goals.

Monitor site performance for multiple step scenarios too!

Not only does Uptrends allow you to easily monitor site performance on the front page of your site, but we can also verify load time and availability of every page throughout a multi-step transaction or online scenario. This is the best way to make sure that all back end databases, third party elements and other critical infrastructure elements are functioning for your end-users. When you have an e-commerce shopping cart, a system for registering new users or a database login that is critical to the success of your website, you absolutely must monitor site performance with the Uptrends transaction monitoring tool, included in every account.

Other advanced tools that allow you to monitor site performance and availability

When you use Uptrends to monitor site performance and availability, you will find that managing your account is a breeze thanks to our exceptionally simple web based control panel. Some of the features of our control panel include:

  • Easily setup monitoring of additional sites, transactions or servers of any protocol with just a few clicks of the mouse
  • No learning curve and nothing to install.
  • Never pay additional fees for configuring the usage of multiple monitoring checkpoints
  • Free access to snapshots taken from the end user's point of view anytime your site has downtime
  • View trace route information captured each time your site goes down
  • Configure multiple operators and escalation levels
  • Easy to generate user-defined reports covering a wide array of criteria to help you pinpoint the cause of performance and availability issues
  • Monitor site performance at the page element level to quickly identify the cause of performance issues

If you would like to see why thousands of companies from 23 different countries trust Uptrends to monitor site performance and availability, simply register for a free 4 week trial account. In no time, you will understand how this low cost solution has helped customers increase site speed and conversion rates with Uptrends. Don't delay, get your free account started now!