Uptrends offers ability to monitor site changes and more, 24x7

With global monitoring, verify uptime, performance or even monitor site changes

When you use Uptrends to monitor your website, you will have a network of monitoring stations located in major cities around the world visiting your website every few minutes. Uptrends will monitor for basic availability, page load time and even monitor site changes. When site content fails to match your expectations or when load time or availability issues arise, you will receive an SMS, email, MSN instant message or even RSS feed or Windows sidebar gadget alert.

You will be able to configure monitoring of any webpage or even multiple pages in a multi-step transaction such as an e-commerce shopping process, user registration or login procedure.

Configure load time goals, and ability to monitor site changes with simple user interface

Uptrends.com offers website monitoring services unparalleled in the industry. For website owners who need real time monitoring for their sites and online scenarios, Uptrends provides the most complete product on the market at a fraction of the cost of the competition. And best of all, you will have the ability to monitor site changes and verify website performance through a hosted solution that features the most simple to use control panel in the industry. Some of the other product features you'll enjoy include:

  • Fully customizable escalation levels, maintenance periods, alert definitions and more
  • Easy to generate and export a wide array of customizable reports for tracking page load time, downtime and more for any given period of time
  • Monitor site changes with positive or negative keyword match to verify site content
  • Monitor any multi-step scenario to learn what your users experience from anywhere around the world
  • View screen shots taken of all errors recorded, along with trace route and diagnostic information of the error recorded
  • Monitor any website at the page element level to pinpoint the cause of downtime and performance issues

All of these advanced tools are available right now! There is no software to install and getting your account started takes less than a minute. Register now and monitor site changes, availability and load time free of charge for a full 4 week trial. In no time, you will see why over 90% of customers that register with Uptrends renew their accounts year after year. There is no credit card required for the free account and there is no obligation to buy anything. We simply want you to see why thousands of companies around the world choose Uptrends year after year. Come see for yourself and register your free account today!