Uptrends provides premier monitor site software under hosted solution

Free trial of full features monitor site software from Uptrends

Uptrends is a leading global provider of web site monitoring services designed to ensure that your website, servers, and online transactions are always available and performing at a level that doesn't cost you to lose valuable online revenue, leads, productivity or reputation. With the monitor site software from Uptrends, you will have a highly flexible hosted web site monitoring service that lets you quickly identify and diagnose downtime and errors. And since we utilize a network of monitoring stations located in major cities around the globe, you will gain insight into the variances in user experience caused by geographical dispersion of your site visitors. And when your website has downtime, slow load time or other issues, Uptrends will instantly alert you via SMS, email, RSS feed, Windows sidebar gadget or even MSN instant messenger.

There is no better way to verify your site is working properly than by using the monitor site software hosted by Uptrends. And even though it is packed with features, Uptrends offers this product at a fraction of the cost of similar competitors. But don't take our word for it, come see for yourself by registering for a completely free 4-week trial account.

Advanced features make the monitor site software from Uptrends the obvious choice

Just because the price is low, doesn't mean that the monitor site software from Uptrends is lacking any features! In fact, you won't find any similar products on the market that can compete with Uptrends when it comes to this combination of price and features. Here are some of the advanced tools you will enjoy when you register your free trial account for the monitor site software from Uptrends:

  • Our web site monitoring service is easy to setup and takes less than one minute
  • Monitor site software from Uptrends is purely hosted. No software to install
  • Unlike our competition, we never charge a fee to utilize additional global monitoring checkpoints
  • We also do not charge a fee to view screenshots taken from the end-user's point of view when downtime occurs
  • Monitor every step of a multi-step scenario such as a login, user registration or the all-important e-commerce shopping experience
  • Configure multiple operators and escalation levels
  • Monitor site software can even verify availability and load time of individual page elements on any URL!

Get your monitor site software for free!

Here are the facts: thousands of companies in 23 different countries trust Uptrends due to the unique combination of price, features and reliability. In fact, over 90% of users renew their accounts year after year. We invite you to see why so Uptrends has become the most trusted monitor site software available through our fully featured 4-week trial account. You will need to supply a credit card to register and there is no obligation to buy anything. Don't delay; get your free account today!