Monitor sites from around the world to locate cause of performance issues and downtime

Increase conversion rates when you monitor sites and use tools from Uptrends

When you use to monitor sites for performance and availability, you will find that you have a wide array of tools at your disposal to increase website click through rate, increase conversions and directly impact your bottom line. By visiting your sites every few minutes around the clock, Uptrends will notify you instantly when your website's performance slips or when downtime occurs. In addition to allowing you to respond quickly to these issues, Uptrends will also help you pinpoint the exact cause of the issues so you can make repairs quickly, before your business realizes lost productivity.

What are the negative consequences when you chose not to monitor sites with Uptrends?

There are many ways you can lose productivity if you elect not to monitor sites with Uptrends. For example, slow loading web pages result in:

  • Dramatically lower click through rates
  • Lower rate of return visitors
  • Lower brand reputation

And every minute that your site is experiencing downtime, you are losing sales, new leads, lost productivity and even more lost reputation! To avoid these consequences, Uptrends offers you an array of diagnostic tools along with our real time website monitoring services.

When you monitor sites with Uptrends, these other tools are included:

  • Ability to monitor sites at the page element level to pinpoint performance issues
  • Capable of monitoring a multi step scenario such as an ecommerce shopping experience, a login or new user registration, allowing you to verify other website infrastructure is working properly
  • Keyword match for content to appear or not appear on any given site
  • Free access to screenshots taken from the end user's point of view whenever downtime has occurred
  • View trace route information recorded each time downtime occurs
  • Free access to our entire network of global monitoring checkpoints so you know what your visitors are experiencing, regardless of their distance from you or your servers
  • Receive alerts in real time when errors arise on your site. Configure alerts to be sent by SMS, email, IM, RSS and even windows sidebar gadget.
  • Configure multiple operators and with varying escalation levels for alert notifications

There are thousands of companies around the world that monitor sites and online transactions with, and 90% of them will renew their accounts year after year. To show you why is the most trusted name in the industry, we invite you to register a completely free account, good for 4 weeks. We will alert you when your site is having performance issues and give you the tools to pinpoint the cause of those issues so you can minimize their impact. Registration takes less than a minute, so come get your free account now!